Thursday 24 August 2017

Redza Shahwis : The Odd Couple

The odd couple
This afternoon, I get to chat and smoke with two very fine intelligent human beings who happened to be homeless and sleeping in the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Rana is from Pakistan who came to KL 10 years ago. Unemployed for 5 months after his 'employer' lost his documents and his salaries unpaid. Speaks English well.
Lucy is a Russian LGBT, an artist seeking asylum under the auspices of UNHCR. Speaks English and Indonesian (spent 6 years there).
We chatted about everything under the, religion, gawd, karma and the filthy system (of course).
Nobody could speak on these topics better than these two people let me tell you. Talking about their life experience touched me profoundly, and to top it all I didn't hear a word of complaint from either one. Wow! Here we all are complaining about the smallest silliest things like the family car is too small, or the smartphone's memory is too small. Shame on me I thought!
The best humor of the day from Rana :
"Malaysian style is very funny. Everyone who meets me greets me with, 'Sudah makan?'. When I replied, 'Belum!' Their reply is always, 'Makan lah!'... How lah?"

That's kindness Malaysian style for you!
As I left them, turning around, I was in awe to hear a Russian talking to a Pakistani in Bahasa Malaysa. As I remarked that to them, they replied with fore-finger pointed up, "Satu Malaysia"
Bless them both.

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