Thursday 17 August 2017

Isa's Sandiwara.

From a lawyer in a WhatsApp group, presented as received:

No one should get excited with the arrest of Isa for questioning. This is only a sandiwara to lull the Rakyat into thinking that some actions had been taken.

The due process of law takes time and it requires an AG to decide whether there is enough evidence to prosecute.

Najib had RM2.6b deposited into his bank account yet the AG had the compulsion to tell the world that there is no case against him. He has been absolved of any wrong-doings pertaining to 1MDB.

The purchase of hotels and what-nots in UK was done by Isa's and Najib's son. Prosecuting Isa means prosecuting Najib too.

No one should be shocked to hear later that AG would announce that the case against Isa be dropped due to insufficient evidence. In Malaysia someone who is in power can even get away with murder. Corruption is only a mild case, you can easily go scot-free.

Malaysia BOLEH is in its elements again!

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