Friday 10 May 2013

Azmin Ali

This is the gist of Azmin Ali’s Press Conference  today 10th May 2013.

First he was an hour late for the PC – but then was that not to be expected? F@*K!

After blah blah blah and more blah…..he said that at an emergency meeting of Selangor State Assembly men held last night they decided, after consultation amongst themselves, and by consensus, to submit the name or names (he was not clear on this) of whom they wanted  as Mentri Besar of Selangor. That list with one or more names was submitted to PKR’s leadership (possibly that would or should be Anwar Ibrahim) for his consideration and further action.

He made it very clear that all the Assemblymen, him included, wanted any decision in Selangor (including the appointment of a Mentri Besar) to be made in consultation with the elected representative of the people (meaning the Assemblymen and himself)  and not arbitrarily by anyone else – not Anwar Ibrahim, DAP or PAS.

Translation: Azmin Ali as head of Selangor PKR has met with the State Assemblymen (the elected representative of the people) to decide on the question of who they want to be Menteri Besar of Selangor.

Anwar Ibrahim, Kit Siang and Hadi have no say in the matter!

It does not take a genuis to figure that this is Azmin flexing his muscles and telling Anwar, DAP and PAS ...F@*K You! I want to be MB and I will be MB! 

And why would any Assemblymen from PKR (14 in number), PAS (15 in number) and DAP (15 in number) want somebody else instead of Khalid as MB? 

Very simply this - Khalid is honest. Khalid will award a State tender to the lowest qualified tenderer even if the tenderer is a known Barisan Nasional supporter. So no Pakatan Rakyat Assemblyman have profited unfairly under Khalid's government. Susah cari makan under Khalid's rule. So now if the assemblymen elected one of their own people to be MB...we are back to the UMNO days of I scratch your back you scratch mine lah! So  you work out for yourself why Azmin can kautim with the Assemblymen for him to be MB. Now let us see if Lim Kit Siang, Hadi and Anwar will do the right thing and go with Khalid for another term!       

Please note that re the video below, the PC proper starts at 36:00 - so please forward video to said spot. Azmin late for 1 hour ma!


  1. Although it would have been a loss of 1 or 2 seat for Pakatan, wished Azmin had lost Bukit Antarabangsa and Gombak. Then hopefully he would not be so ambitious.

  2. I am from B.A.
    Actually we didn't vote for Azmin. We voted for PR.

  3. SL,
    Just go to this blog:

  4. Azmin said the MB selection should be based on consultation and consensus, as required by the al quran. Fine and agreed. He may get full backup frm the 14 PKR but he forgotten that PAS has 15 and so does DAP, and they have reached their consensus on maintaining khalid as MB. I hope he wakes up because when he does he will realize that anwar, kit siang and hadi have also got their consensus on khalid.


  5. Bro,
    See the LEAN,MEAN n HUNGRY people surrounding him.Pay attention to how each behave and we can quage whats in it for each of them.
    Azmin's bro azwan stated that by right azmin must be MB.
    Hey, Who the fucks is azwan to say who be what in the state line up.
    I suspect he has lined up a string and stable of projects for himself when azmin becomes MB.
    Yes ! The HUNGRY LOOKS that they have is MEAN and DANGEROUS.
    Keep azmin in check.If he and his worms want to exit PKR, so be it.

  6. The trouble maker in PKR still having that UMNO mentality. If he is the MB of Selangor it will be no different with Khir Toyo. I have this feeling that with him around PKR will have a lot of problems in the future and our princess, Nurul's ambition to go further in the party will be blocked or be sabotaged by him. Hopefully I've misjudged him. Let's wait and see.

  7. Azmin and his merry men are waiting to "rob" PR benefactors. It is also called blackmail. The PKR 14 just became expensive. When katak season starts and the bidding gets fast and furious, Anwar will have to juggle between keeping them while negotiating over the East malaysian Kataks.
    Interesting cheating method but did PR benefactors bargain on higher stakes?
    Will they trust Anwar to pull this off with their money after the 916 fiasco?
    Is this what supporters of PR bargained on i.e. buying Kataks?

  8. While we wrestle with the concept of buying frogs, IGP TS Ismail Omar is going on mandatory retirement this month. Dear God, Is he for sale too?

  9. Whenever someone from Pakatan jumps over to BN the average IQ of both parties improves.

  10. There is no point in keeping these wolves, even before the dust can settle the tails start to rear from their arses, like medussa's snakes. Just look at their body language and their demonic eyes, like ever ready to pounce ... Pthoooi!

    It will be a matter of time before they create more trouble or already they are kataks yang sudah dibeli tapi akan disembilih nanti, PR better just let them go ... The same things started like what happened after the last GE.

    When I was young I was always taught that money cannot buy everything but now I say money can buy anything, even your souls knowing very well you will burn in hell if you believe there is a GOD, Allah or the Almighty ... Black black days coming!

  11. Dear, dear Azmin Ali ! If you are so unhappy with your current position even though you won because the people CHOOSE PR, do the right thing and leave or better still, resign. The whole of the PR team have been working so hard to GIVE of themselves FOR THE RAKYAT - it is not too late to make a u-turn and show YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE SAKE OF THE PEOPLE AND FOR YOUR SELF-RESPECT !

    You see, if you go against the PR team the rakyat might NOT be kind to you in the near future and IF umno were to court you,please know that they will be using you only for the short term - then where WILL YOU BE ? Remember Anuar FORMER friends ? The rakyat DON'T give a heck about Anuar's FORMER FRIENDS even if they are on national TV...

    Personally I hope you will surprise us by making a stand and say, " I am WITH PR through thick and thin !" Just DON't be a umno on us !

  12. Thats the bloody fucking problem with Anwar & PKR. They never fucking learn. Azmin and all his idiots should be dropped as candidates in the first place. But since they are now elected, its better to bite the bullet ...let them just leave.

  13. He's full of himself and I never like him. He smells trouble each time he opens his mouth. He's the main cause of disunity in Selangor. And why is he always hold press conferences instead of sorting our internal problems within the coalition?

  14. It is not PKR, DAP or PAS,'s the people of Selangor consensus and we want Khalid to be the MB and that's it. So,Azmin Ali, you can go into the shit house and cry your hearts out.

  15. Actually Azmin, rather than froth at the mouth, now would be a good time to challenge Anwar for the lead role. If you are concerned for the welfare of PKR, fight for it.

  16. Azmin, if you really & truly wants consultation, then please include PAS & DAP because we voted for PAKATAN RAKYAT, not PKR or PAS or DAP. Faham ke tidak?

  17. Azmin yeah go ahead and stab your old leader in the back. The longer you have been with him and the closer you are to him, the more you are worth to UMNO. So now is the best time to unlock value, like they say in the stock market. Go collect now. Your long years are not wasted.

  18. if those people wanted to leave, then just leave. I'm sure there will be many many other credible candidates. we obviously don't need people who are only after power and