Thursday 27 January 2011

cakap cakap...LKY and Mahathir again!

LKY says he never undermined successors like Dr M
By Leslie Lau
Executive Editor
January 27, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 27 — Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew said in a recently published book that he never undermined his successor in the way former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad did in Malaysia, and that his only role was to advise the next generation of leaders in the republic.
“That was my intention. If the new PM fails, I have failed,” Singapore’s founding father said in his latest book, “Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going”.

Steadyaku47 comment:

Alamak this LKY can really cut you so deep!

“If the new PM fails, I have failed”

How graciously he puts it!

He did not say that Mahathir had choosen his own successor and so if Mahathir thinks his successor had failed – then it is Mahathir that has failed!

He did not say that Mahathir had 22 years of absolute power to put things right and if things do go wrong after he left – then it is Mahathir that has failed!

Nor did he say that the corruption, nepotism, greed and arrogance allowed to breed unchecked during Mahathir’s 22 years in power inevitably led to the devastating Barisan Nasional’s loss of it’s two third majority at the 12th general election.

He did not say any of the above but in that short “I have failed” he told Mahathir that it is time Mahathir himself took responsibility for what Malaysia has now become – a country where race and religion are used to advance the interest of the ruling party. Where the treasures of the country were used to enrich a few. Where Malaysia's own leaders have abused the trust placed upon them by their own people.

 Mahathir please stand up…take a bow and say

“I have failed!”  


  1. Mahathir please stand up…take a bow and say

    “I have failed!”

    And then what? -- Commit Hara Kiri?

  2. mahathir: failed? no such thing lah ... i lowered the passing mark oredi.

  3. pinsysu...where can? passing mark oredi zelo...still fail!

  4. punishment by way of choking on an extra spicy plate of mamak mee?

  5. Its the Malaysian culture,we dont admit our mistake,we dont say sorry,we will find something or somebody to blamed for,for our mistakes.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Read about this latest development
    in the Malaysian banana republic.


  9. Sir,

    Therein lies the difference between one who strives for the best based on meritocracy and kulitfikasi for the other. Just no comparison in Leadership skills.

    Mana mungkin the man who has selective memory loss will ever own up to it. Mamak bendahara is smart but abused it for power unto himself.

    Sometimes I hope the Tunisian effect have positive effects in this country.

  10. How to compare cheap 'peanut' with MACADAMIA Nut, mana ada class?

  11. How naive can Malaysian be that naive when it come to listening up to that senile old bugger next door who thinks he is so great leading that doted country of his.... full of bullshitting. And you too Sein have fuckingly too failed as a Malaysian...... period

  12. LKY's son is PM after hiom, that means OLIGARCHY, that means instant ethical failure.

    Try the below site, Singapore is effectively the 14th State of Malaysia with this plan 15% plebiscite guaranteed by the Malays and others, implement the 13 items and Singapore returns to Malaysia :

  13. How can a man who fears nobody and nothing ever say sorry !

    He will even argue with the angel of death, when they arrive to take away his life

    He will then, argue with the angel at the gates of hell...

    He will also argue with the Almighty when called to answer QUESTIONS...he will say "I DON'T REMEMBER"!



    "It is not me but the devil!"

  14. just like you Hussein who failed

  15. Hussein, you has failed as a Malaysian, Shame on you mate.......go fly kites or best migrate to Egypt to help out with the revolution

  16. There are petty minded, negative and stupid people everywhere.

    They like to whine and complaint about everything. These negative people will make other people feel down because of their negativity.

    Therefore, avoid them like a plague. Especially the stupid ones
    like Hussein .......they can be like a pig ridden by communist that would lay in the middle of the road for the communists who only stood behind and laugh at their idiocy!

  17. Come on lah, Hussein, you should be the last Melayu to critique the NEP, more so after you have been a sucker for it and ........fill in the blanks yourself mate

  18. We are not bothered by what you and your colleagues think about our country or our leaders simply because we have always known that you and your government have always suffered from chronic and almost incorrigible Napoleon Complex

    To say that we have no respect for you or your government would be, Mr Lee, an understatement. We laugh at the nakedness of the cold and wrinkled anatomy of your cocktail diplomacy.

    The truth is, Mr Lee, you, your colleagues, your government and your country are not perfect.Nobody is.
    So please. Take your smug pimply face away and mind your own business.

    Malaysia can survive without you. Can you survive without Malaysia?


  19. Over to you asshole En. Hussein..........

  20. Blown away by the cyclone......i guess. well good for you!

  21. Pak Hussein,

    looks like there are many paid cyber troopers from BN...celaka semua commentators who spewed rubbish.

    What LKY said and what Pak Hussein said is the truth. Only the mamakthir nyanyok is telling lies and utterly corrupt.

    Who is mahathir? old and demented.....always put his successor down and refused to retire. he is causing racial unrest and disharmony in Malaysia. He is not regarded as a leader even in the world... he is a bloody kampung boy from kerala.
    melayu celup....trying to be a malay...malu lah.

    LKY is a respected statesman....the world knows him and acknowledge his as a leader....often invited to speak at world forums. anyone inviting the mamakthir? absolutely not...that is why he is full of envy and jealousy.

    LKY is clean and a founding father of singapore.....moulding the country into a clean n green n safe country for its rakyat....everyone has a roof over their head...subsidised housing and for the 5% who can't afford then, the govt provides rental flat at only 10 or 20 SG dollars per month. It is safe for their rakyat to walk alone on the road even at 10pm and take a taxi after 10pm.

    This cannot be said in Malaysia. Mat rempits all over. police who are thugs and pencuri all over.

    No comparison lah... mamakthir developed malaysia into a crime state and poor nation...he developed malaysia into a kampung lah.

    malu aje.

    nasib baik...pak hussein lives in Adelaide.....enjoying life there.

  22. Oi kawan, we are no paid BN cybertrooper. Ko ni tak de lain le ingat BN cybertrooper sahaja yg ada di dunia ni ke bodoh and bangang punya anonymous

  23. Hoi, anonymous bodoh and bangang, why don't you migrate to that little doted country and how they will shower you with all those shit. One less of people like you will be good for this country....on your bike mate

  24. That stupid LKY is nobody in Mahathir's league.
    From a non BN cybertrooper

  25. Sir,

    Kurang sihat ke? Dah lama tak baca coretan baru.

    Semoga kau sihat-sihat selalu.

  26. who says he's enjoying. he's suffering in silence

  27. Ala brother,

    We want Madey Kutty to commit 'hara-kiri' not you!

    Habeh lah, cam no ni.

  28. I find it depressing reading some of these comments. People are name calling and insulting each other based on ethnicity. Only a few are able to give intelligent comments on the issue. Shame on all of you! If you cannot give any intelligent comments, don't comment. Don't verbally abuse others.

  29. Anon February 21, 2011 7:34:00 PM GMT+10:30

    Madey Kutty is his name, you must be one of his clan, a real dungoo!

  30. Hoi samsainon .....jawo mari ka....go fly kites

  31. Hi Abang Steady

    Looking forward to more
    thought provoking posts
    from you.

    Has anything happened lately ?
    You don't seem to be blogging
    as often.

    Best of health to you

  32. It seems that steady is only interested in seeing Mahathir to be shamed rather what the happiness that he has brought to many.
    Steady should look at himself as one unhappy fellow who looks at a half filled cup half full or Fool!

  33. For those who idolize LKY look at the negative side of him by Singaporeans:

  34. Dear steadyaku

    I beg of you me to allow me some space to answer this chap who thinks he is right and all of us are wrong.

    Having accidentally read this rubbish on Malaysian Insider "Of political desperados, dingoes and demons" — Martin Jalleh
    March 25, 2011 I feel compelled to answer. MI and Jalleh would not allow my reply, so I am turning to a number of my favourites.

    So, Tun allow me this space

    Thank you in anticipation:

    Dear Martin Jalleh (or whatever your real name is)

    You have been a frustrated old agitator for years. Malaysia gave you a place to live in and a place to work, and shit in, and have turned into an old blungling old fool. You are the most ungrateful person I have ever seen.

    You have been trying to get the nonMalays to rise against the Government for some personal selfish reasons. You have metamorphosised into a fraught, canine devil as seen through your howling, cat-calls and vents.

    This piece of writing, (if one cal call it writing) is another crowning effort by this pendatang.
    One just cannot fathom why you are so myopic as to Anwar’s agenda. Anwar is leading the opposition for his own selfish reason, not for the people and country.
    You accuse of UMNO being a spin-doctor when we are dealing with one of the biggest one of all, you.
    Admittedly, we are ‘Bolehland’ AND PROUD OF IT, of what your original homeland of you, pendatang could not provide you, so you had to seek greener pastures. You have to get out of your syndrome of self-deception, delusion and denial.
    You are one who cannot accept the truth, especially of Anwar affairs.
    The laugh of the day, you top Tunku Abdul Aziz as a respected public figure when he is in your class. He is another old frustrated rant!

    Everything is a circus for you, when the fact remains that you are the Circus Ringmaster.
    You have been ranting, and raving all your life. If life is so bad in Bolehland, ever thought of moving on to your kind of heaven.
    Wake up man! It is not very strange that you are always right while everything around you is wrong? Everything and everybody around you in Malaysia is wrong except you!

    You are a disgrace to society and “your” kind of people you support, the posterior minded people.
    Your tantrums of temper, play up of your theatrics, your low-down threats and taunts and you meandering the truth, always comes to nought.

    You accuse others of being politically bankrupt when it is you reflecting a mirror image of yourself - Ever thought about it?

    You being the expert in all affairs give you zero credibility and credence - Ever thought about it?

    Learn to reflect!

  35. MalayVoice,
    I was born in Malaysia sixty three years ago and my son is now a 5th generation descendant. Our family roots in this country predates the likes of Toyol and the Mamak Masquerading as Malay (MMM). To be labelled Pendatang is an affront to our dignity as rightful citizens of the country. Advocates of Pendatang politics suffer from the MMM syndrome, ie racists masquerading as nationalists.

  36. This is a big battle in this century hahaha...