Thursday 30 October 2014

cakap cakap...nobody knocking on my door!

Friday is a so so day. The end of a week and the beginning of the weekend which may or may not be good for some or too much time away from work for others. For me the days, weeks and months are no longer a concern for my life is no longer dictated by the tyranny of time. So unconcerned am I by the passage of time that I need to be reminded what day it is and sometimes even what time of the day it is. For those of you that measures your day activities by the hour or even by the minutes please do carry on for we have need of people like you who keep the world spinning. I got off the spinning world a few years back and will not watch the world spin anymore because it makes me dizzy!

Each of us will have our druthers. For me there are no more great plans made for the weeks or months to come so that I will reap the financial rewards of my efforts in work or business. Whereas in the world I use to live in before in KL I had access to the highest level in politics, in government and in business here in Melbourne the high light of the past week for me was discussing with my son what sort of patio furniture we need to get for Summer. If in KL in the days long gone by I might be planning for a weekend spent on my Father's boat with my family at the Yacht Club in Kelang, today about the only thing looming on my weekend calender is to decide where I will go for a drive with my wife and then allowing her to decide if she will have pancakes at Hungry Jacks for breakfast or Fish Fillets at McDonald's for lunch. 

As for today - Friday - I am planning for my latest foray into business. In the building where I am staying I am discussing with s Sudanese how we can start a small business doing removals and the buying and selling of household stuff. He has recently bought a Van to do the same thing but is in need of some guidance from someone savvy in that kind of business (ME!) and our initial discussions have been "fruitful". Whether that fruit is going to be sweet or sour or whether it is going to be left hanging on the tree until it ripens and is eaten by the birds or dropped to the ground to be consumed by insects and worms is to be seen. Suffice to say that the three weeks he had spent working with a courier company has ended with him being out of pocket and not being paid for work done. Such are the ways of the world where you will be taken advantaged of if you are too trusting of people that promises you the world and deliver naught! This is a work in progress and from time to time when it moves me, I will share our trials and tribulations with all my friends that stops to read what I write.

For the time being my immediate worry is the Samsung Washing Machine that is about to die on me and of course the putting together of a business plan for this business that I am embarking upon. Ahh how good is it to be turning 70 and not have the burdens and worries of the world upon your shoulders! Eat your heart out Najib, Anwar and Mahathir....better to be me than to be anyone else....Amen.

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