Friday 31 October 2014

Dementia is Coming my Way?

Dementia is coming my way?

I lost two days this week. Thought it was Friday when it was really Wednesday and lost three years somewhere when Dian rightly pointed out that I am 67 not 70. Camna ni? I know it is not dementia when you know after the fact that you have erred but in my mind I was certain that Wednesday was really Friday and 70 was really 67. So how? When I realized a few minutes ago of my "memory loss/confusion" I allowed myself a nervous smile at my expense and seek to justify what had happened as being simply a mistake on my part. A lapse in concentration. Huh! It must be the onset of dementia.

To all you good people out there that taken the trouble to send me good wishes on my 67 birthday I can only say many many thanks to: 

                                                                         Lee Hs
Dian Abdullah
Boon Chai Loh
Tan Soo Beng
Pak Idrus Abu Bakar
Lee Huaong Sing
Ambrose Munai
Kent Lau
Sunny Oon
Zainah Mahmud
Raymond Munesinghe
Kassim S.A.
Ann Ibrahim
Azman Shaari
Robert Lai
Nagaratnam Navalan Arumugam
Wahtong Lee
Antares Maitreya
Zainudin Yunus
Kuhan Sparkz
Nor Ibrahim
Iza Abdullah
Zarina Mustafa
Susan Lee
Aziah Mohd Yusoff
Zubaidah Aziz
Zubaidah Shariff
Ruban Raj Kumar Ganesan
Gui Kian Hoon
Mimi Roslan
Arbaiah Aird
Cooper Assuncion Deanne
Vivienne Hor
linling Chong
Franklin Lim
Allin Loh
Julai Julie
Fizal Othman
Hall Liam
Esther Lee
Kent Lau
Sunny Oon
Katie Loke
Yunos Othman
Aznijar Ahmad Yazid
Yahya Malek
Bru Tall
Jennifer Cross
Ahmad  Albakri Fatani
Mohd Yusoff Ramli
Super Snake Cobra
Mohd Arshad Raji Raji
Farinordin Ibrahim

And forgive me if I have inadvertently left anyone in my thanks. ...and how did I spend the day? Trying to fix my Samsung Washing Machine that is slowly but surely dying on me, roast chicken for lunch and Pad Thai for dinner. Once again a heartfelt thank you.

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