Thursday 16 October 2014

I Am One, With You We Are Two. Who Else Will Join Us?

In the midst of all that is happening around us, life goes on and we have to make life choices. These choices will be influenced by other factors that we may or may not allow to cloud our judgement in following the path of life but we are always mindful of what our peers and those whom we consider to be our leaders do in their own life. 

These considerations and our personal judgement shapes the society that we live in. We become the society that we aspire to and the society becomes a reflection of our aspirations and what we demand of life and our fellow beings. What our society becomes is the sum of each and every individual contribution to the bigger picture - and the bigger picture is where our future as a people and our hopes as a nation lies. As Malaysians does the future augers hope and promise of a good and decent life for ourselves and those we love? Can our nation provide us with the opportunity to have that life?

These thoughts worry many of us today.

Without doubt the chasm between the Malays and non-Malays,  between Muslims and Non-Muslims grows each day as politicians of all persuasion seek to bolster their own fortunes by their preferred weapon of choice - religion and race. There will be many amongst you that will insists that we should not harp on our differences but instead accentuate our diversity as a strength. Diversity is a strength within any society only IF that society understands that it can be so. Let me explain.

Recently I posted "Racism in Australia"   and "Australian Racist to Face Court Today". It tells of a racist incident on a train where a young white Australian abused a train security guard who is black. Within a few days of the incident the Prime Minister of Australia condemned the incident as "deplorable" and by the next day the people involved in racial abuse was charged in court for their unacceptable anti social behavior

Of course what is unacceptable and anti social behavior in Australia and Malaysia differs - as it should differs as we are two different countries but there are universally acceptable levels of decency and justice by which each and everyone of us must be treated by in any civilized and democratic society  - of which Malaysia prides itself to be one. Notwithstanding what Malaysia claims itself to be the truth of the matter is simply this : In Malaysia unacceptable and anti social behavior is decided by the government and by extension what the people who support the government thinks. And what are acceptable? The following images are self explanatory:

Disrespect for others.

Minister brandishing weapon to threaten non-Malays

Politicians with their brains stuck in their zip are celebrated instead of being reviled!

Number Plates that are worth more than the Car.

Children who are taught values that they will grow up with!

and now this in Penang:

And as always, 
those who can most afford to pay their way in life in Malaysia are not asked to contribute what they can!

Agong, heads of state exempted from GST...

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the heads of state will exempted from paying the goods and services tax (GST) on all items except petroleum, according to a list gazetted by the government yesterday.

Known as the Goods and Services Tax (Relief) Order 2014, the 42-page documentspells out a list of groups and individuals, the goods and services that they may import or purchase without being charged the GST, and the conditions imposed.

This relief is in addition to two other lists gazetted by the government, which list the items that are GST-exempt and items that are zero-rated.


No nation nor its people can survive a government that is intent on destroying what is already ingrained in in the hearts of its many Rakyat - that of wanting to live together decently where the rights of the individual is supreme over all else - even POLITICS!

At times I feel that we are all in a vicious downward spiral towards oblivion as each day dawn because of the dastardly antics of our leaders - on both side of the political divide. Our leaders do not have empathy or sympathy for what our people are going through because nothing comes before their own self interest and it has been so from the time Mahathir came to power and it has flourished and embellished itself into the every nook and cranny of our politicians from both side of the divide so much so that today in Malaysia they are most deserving of our contempt and our disgust.

These politicians will destroy every passion, every belief, every value and every aspiration we value if they have not done so already. They will do so because they have all insists that race and religion must prevail if they are to prevail. Thus it goes without question that if we are to prevail we must avail ourselves of every opportunity, of every effort, of every means available to us to work together towards making the changes we want happen. 

For each and everyone of us it will mean doing what we can to educate our children and our ourselves of the need for good governance and seeking leaders who will do this with us. Look again at the images I have posted above and ask yourself what you must do, I can only write....many of you must do....maybe together there may be hope for our future. I am one, with you we are two. Who else will jopin us?            

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