Tuesday 28 October 2014


The "I Like Najib Razak" club in Malaysia was disbanded a long time ago though no one has bothered to tell Najib about it. Contrary to popular belief the "I Like Rosmah Mansor" club has never been suggested by even Najib Razak! Najib can be said to be Queen Controlled, a bumbling idiot, a "do anything to get people to like him" kind of a guy or even a "clueless ass of a leader" but he knows that suggesting the formation of a "I Like Rosmah" club is akin to handing over to Mahathir the last nail to be driven into his own coffin! Truly this Najib is a work of utter rubbish that even Umno will find hard to replicate if, by some miracle, they are given a another five years in government after the next general election. But for now our nation, our people and Umno will have to deal with him in the near and not to distant future. Like a wart on the tip of our nose that will not go away Najib looms disgustingly over everything that matters in our nation....and this week our nation holds its breath over what is to happen to Anwar Ibrahim as the court deliberates on what is to happen  to him over Sodomy Two.

In Mahthir we have a Prime Minister who was totally focussed on doing what HE believed was good for our country and this was an end he pursued with a vengeance that bordered on the extreme. Mahathir's saving grace was the purity of his intent - the nation above all else -though along the way his intent and deeds were questionable - but Mahathir tried. 

Najib came to the Prime Ministership tainted and already had for company our disgust in the manner he has conducted his private life and our contempt for his work at state and federal level. Mahathir had found it expedient to advance Najib's political career because Mahathir preferred to have Ministers in his cabinets whose balls he had safely clutched in his hands. When you have a Minister balls in your hands - his heart and mind will follow unhesitatingly. Najib was such a Minister! Today that Minister is our Prime Minister! 

Today that Prime Minister is head of a Government that saw it fit to incarcerate Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy because Najib mistakenly believes in the maxim "out of sight, out of mind". Do you expect anything less from Najib? 

This is the Prime Minister who thinks that Altantuya can no longer haunts his being because through the questionable use of his office and all that money can buy he has turned everything associated with the affair into a farce that even AR Tompel and the Three Bujang Lapoks would be hard done to try to better. Deepak and Bala have been neutralized and now Najib thinks that he is home free.   

He has used copious amounts of OUR MONEY - in the billions -  to buy the last general elections.

He has made promises having to do with our freedom and civil rights that he has never intended to keep.

And most damaging of all for Umno, Barisan Nasional and for himself, Najib Razak is perceived to be a failure by millions of Malaysians who have discarded him as their leader by giving their votes to the opposition in the last general election.   

And today after what the courts will decide on Anwar Ibrahim we will see that final nail driven into Najib's coffin should Anwar Ibrahim be driven from court direct to the holding cell that will be his "in transit" because the court have seen it fit to uphold his custodial sentence.   

I have no doubt that Najib Razak may enjoy a short lived period of euphoria as Anwar Ibrahim is put away for a good many years but "short lived" in politics can be a matter of weeks or months at most. What hope has Najib against those aligned with Mahathir who seek to oust him from office and the many hundreds of thousands of Malaysians who will want Najib punished for the jailing of their "comrade in arm Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim"?

For all I care let our country descend into the madness of the reformasi days. Let the people unleash their hatred for Najib Razak reminiscence of the racial hatred that was upon us during the May 13th riots and may our nation be embroiled in riot and mayhem until this BN government led by Najib Razak understands that the people of this country are beyond anger and disgust at the manner this Najib Razak has conducted himself as our Prime Minister! 

I hope Malaysians will forget politics and understand that it is no longer acceptable for any human being to be put away for political expedience. I hope that Malaysians of all political persuasion understand that our nation has now advanced beyond the politics that have been used by Umno and Barisan Nasional to advance their corrupt and arrogant political agenda for over half a century. And I do hope desparately that the sums of Anwar's and Pakatan Rakayat political struggle over the years have somehow made our people aware that what is happening to Anwar today can also happen to anyone of us if we do not make a stand against this corrupt BN government led by Najib Razak. Amen.

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