Saturday 11 October 2014

Pakatan Rakyat....Please Do Not Confuse Ah Sing Anymore!

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Dear Pakatan Rakyat,
Please do not confuse my friend Ah Sing anymore.
For months and months you all say Khalid Ibrahim too quick to sign the water deal and say got songlap and that Khalid is bought by "UMNO",
Then last week you all say that you all will review the water deal agreements signed by Khalid.
Then earlier this week, Tony Pua defamed Khalid by suggesting he must have taken or hidden all the water agreements.
And then yesterday, MB Azmin says the Selangor govt has the original copies of all three water agreements and now urges the Federal govt to complete the water deals AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to ensure the supply of clean water is protected.
WTF are you all doing??? Can you get your story right or are you all making up stories as you go along?
So, did Khalid do the right thing or not? So no songlap, right?
If you all reviewed the water agreements and decided that the water deals are legit and urgently needed then Khalid got fired for doing the right thing.
My friend, Ah Sing is major Konpius now!!
9 October 2014 - Kerajaan Persekutuan perlu memuktamadkan segera perjanjian penstrukturan air yang dimeterai dengan kerajaan negeri Selangor ketika pentadbiran Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim kerana perjanjian tersebut sedang terancam, kata Menteri Besar Selangor Mohamed Azmin Ali.
Azmin Ali also says Selangor Govt has the original copies of all the three water agreements but that they were protected under OSA -
3 October 2014 - Tony Pua asks "Did Khalid ‘hide’ water agreement from new state government?" He suggested that Khalid might have kept the documents away from the new administration. -
Tony Pua, did you slander Khalid Ibrahim again?

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