Sunday 5 October 2014

Man gives flying kick to Police (Video) ......IGP please explain!

Hoo Waa! 

I am told this happened in Sabah. A member of the public comes out of his very expensive four wheel drive and without any provocation gives a flying kick to a member of the Police! 

Now if this happened in Johor when the Sultan before the present one reigned, we may presume that the one giving the flying kick to the Police Bantuan may either be the Sultan himself, the Tengku Makhota or some closely connected kerabat raja...but this is in Sabah! 

Can the IGP please explain!

I mean there have been that instance a few years back when one IGP hantam an ex DPM until the ex DPM was half dead. That we can understand because the ex DPM did provoked the IGP by calling him "anjing"......which, in my opinion, was deserved... though there are other animal names I myself would have preferred to use.    

But what does PDRM do to members of the public (no matter who the f*#k he is!) who gives a flying kick to member of PDRM without provocation? Even if it happened on Sabah.

Again I ask the IGP...please explain!

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