Thursday 2 October 2014

We wait to see when Azmin Ali will publicly tell Anwar to shut the f@*k up!

What do we need to do to tell these idiots in PKR that they were elected to the state assemblies and parliament to do a job! And that job, in a language that they can understand, is to work for the people who elected them. By no stretch of the imagination can that "work for the people" encompass what is happening in PKR today where "politic dendam" is the latest order of the day. It is bad enough that we have had to put up with the politics of money which is about the only form of politics that Umno is comfortable with. Now we have put up with the politics of negativity from PKR for so long that we know that this politics of "dendam" after the sandiwara in Selangor is simply the next phase that Anwar Ibrahim has come up to keep his "budak budak suruhan" in PKR happy as a monkey is when you give them a banana.

Yes these politicians are monkeys of the first order! Real primates...the politicians I mean because the monkey are already primates!

For the past one year we have been tripping the light fantastic (so he thinks!) with Anwar Ibrahim and his "budak budak suruhan" as they took us through many idiotic intrigues and dazzling rhetoric's (huh!) of this bloody Kajang Move as one after another of these "budak budak suruhan" front up in the media to parrot their rubbish and dim wisdom as and when ordered to by their sifu - Anwar Ibrahim!  

Never mind that we saw through the whole rigmarole right from the very beginning. 

Never mind that it had costs the people of Selangor the unnecessary loss of an MP in Kajang and an honest and hard working MB.

The cost to the Pakatan Rakyat coalition is still a "work in progress" but suffice to say that it is not a matter of  if  the coalition will break up...but when it will break up!

Never mind that these politicians were pushing their own personal and political agenda rather than doing the work they were elected for.

We were all witness, again, to the bloody mindedness of half bake politicians basking in their own intellectual dimness and arrogance whose idea of politics belongs to the likes of those politicians in the tin pot alley African countries where leaders like Idi Amin and Mugabe rule!

And of course Kit Siang and his DAP (who should have known better!) are happy to tag along for the ride because they saw the political gain to DAP in giving enough rope to PKR.

DAP knows that PKR will hang themselves.

Every day many many Malaysian thank God that it was not Pakatan Rakyat that won government in the last election. 

How would Pakatan Rakyat fare in Putrajaya? 

How many Deputy Prime Ministers will they have? 

How many Deputy MB's to keep every coalition member happy? 

And how many Ministers and Ministries will be appointed and created to ensure that every "loyal" member of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition will be rewarded for doing things like the "Selangor Kemelut?" 

I shudder at the thought of these things but we can see what is happening within Pakatan Rakayat today when they do not have political power.....imagine what they would do when given political power carte blanche! Huh!

I am fed up of their antics. Fed up of their arrogance! Fed up of them harping that they should be in power because the people gave them 51% of the vote at the last general election. Cukup lah not be under the "Gaddafi" illusion that the people love you. Those times are long passed. 

I had hope against hope that maybe Azmin Ali will be different. 

Disappointingly he has already started his reign in Selangor by going after Khalid Ibrahim. 

He is being told to do this and that by his old Sifu - the same old Anwar Ibrahim. And to show his "control" over Azmin, Anwar does all this in the glare of the media.  

We wait to see when Azmin Ali will publicly tell Anwar to shut the f@*k up!   

We wait to see when Azmin Ali will do as he had promised to - work for the people of Selangor. 

And we hope he will not disappoint us, we hope he will not fail us and for his own good, we hope that he will not fail the Sultan of Selangor by whose tenacity, grace and wisdom, Azmin became MB.  

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