Saturday 18 October 2014

Anwar Ibrahim? He is no Mandela!

In my years of writing on current affairs in Malaysia I have been privy to a few amazing stuff happening in politics. Always...and I repeat - always.....the goings on in Umno and their preoccupation with monetary and material acquisition and the need to hang on to political power to make that possible tops my "go to list" every time I power on my PC to begin my favorite sports - "hantaming those who take us all for fools still living under the tempurungs" 

For Umno to be able to do this day in and day out for the past six years speaks volumes of the depths our politics have sunk to - an ever deepening abyss of corruption and abuse of political power for personal gain. An abyss that those align with Umno are dammed to embrace - some with caution, some with glee but embrace it they will for the pull of money and power king hits all but the brave and the decent of which they are not many amongst politicians.     

But not anymore!

In the past few years there has been a determine run by PKR to better what Umno has taken over half a century to perfect. The PKR that started as the Parti Keadilan Rakyat, under it's defecto leader Anwar Ibrahim, has not only been knocking at Umno's door but are now no longer the new kid on the block.  PKR are already fast entrenching themselves as the head honcho of the "bisa diatur" party in its party elections and appointments of party officials that smacks of what many in those Tin Pot Alley African (TPCA) dictators and despots do to consolidate their stranglehold over countries that have had the misfortune of being under their rule. Anwar Ibrahim makes us sniff the air around PKR to satisfy ourselves that truth of that Chinese saying " The Fish Rots from the Head Down".

Dismissing the recent events in Selangor as being nothing more than a fly that annoys him, Anwar Ibrahim has "gifted" PKR with a Supreme Council line up that is an exercise worthy of an Idi Amin cabinet. 

New appointees are those that Anwar Ibrahim have at his beck and call and those he can bully into submission to do all that he wants of them even from within the four walls of any prison that he will find himself gracing in the coming months. He is mindful that Azmin Ali now has considerable political and financial clout to "gonchang" his wife's position within PKR should the court uphold the guilty verdict and he is no longer is around to "protect" her. 

Through his appointed Supreme Coincil line up - especially through that boy Rafizi and Saifuddin, he intends to continuously harass the new Menteri Besar at the slightest opportunity by making public statements preempting the MB - giving the impression that Anwar's team are in control. And all those that Anwar has APPOINTED to the Supreme Council will beat the drums loudly to scare off Azmin Ali from having any thoughts of marginalizing Wan Azizah's and Nurruls position within PKR. 

But we know that empty vessels makes the most noise. 

This new Supreme Council line up concocted by Anwar Ibrahim is not one that will consolidate the fractious PKR party already wreck asunder by Anwar's latest foray into mindless personal agendas that matters only to him and him alone. It is an exercises in futility that will drive further divisions within PKR and result in a house divided - a house divided will fall!

Will PKR continue to be about Anwar Ibrahim's family or has the time come for PKR to move forward? A move that will require a change within PKR festering "family dynasty" that rivals anything that any political party in Malaysia has ever had the misfortune to experience?

Azmin Ali has fought his battle for the MB's post with a quietness that belies the tenacity of a battle fought long and hard. Azmin did it by building bridges not only within Pakatan Rakyat but more effectively, he has consolidated his power base within PKR. 

When it matters most (i.e. when the Sultan wanted confirmation that Azmin Ali had the numbers within PKR to take his place as MB) there were enough elected representatives within PKR and Pakatan Rakyat who said "YES" to Azmin and "NO" to Wan Azizah - Statutory Declarations or no Statutory Declarations!

So let none of you doubt who shall be the next President of PKR when it matters most! 

As for Anwar Ibrahim....he is no Mandela! 


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