Thursday 9 October 2014

Hand Grenades in Bukit Bintang & OSA in Putrajaya : All is Fair When Making Money.

Village Idiot too busy taking Selfie!

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 9 (Bernama). 

The Home Ministry is leaving it totally to the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) to investigate the real reason for the bombing incident in front of a night club at the Sun Complex, Bukit Bintang in the federal capital, early today.

Its minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he could also not confirm the 'rumour' that the incident was purportedly linked to terrorist activities as police were still carrying out investigation.

"I will ask the PDRM to issue a statement on the matter when there is conclusive evidence, and when investigation had been carried out," he said at a media conference after attending his ministry's monthly assembly, here today.

Fourteen people were reported injured, including a male jockey who was seriously injured in the incident where a home-made bomb exploded at about 4.20am.

According to Kuala Lumpur Deputy CID Chief, ACP Khairi Ahrasa, two bombs were hurled from the second floor of a car park at the building.


steadyaku47 comment:

This Zahid Hamidi, the fully qualified kampong idiot, aka the Minister for the Home Ministry tells us that he is leaving the above matter totally in the hands of PDRM to investigate the real reason for the bombing incident in front of the Sun complex, Bukit Bintang and that he will ask PDRM to issue a statement on the matter once there is conclusive evidence of what happened.

Two bombs were hurled from the second floor of a car park and this minister sits on his hands and tells us that he is not going to do anything about it! 


Is Zahid, like PDRM, profiting from the roaring trade sex industry there? 

Is prostitution, already a source of income for PDRM, also a source of income for Zahid and he is beholden to the gangsters that ply their trade in Bukit Bintang to not interfere in their "turf war"? Let them sort out things between themselves? 

PDRM are already beholden to these Triads! 

These gangsters are paying off PDRM officers in the ten of thousands of ringgits, if not in the hundreds of thousands each month so that PDRM will leave them alone to ply their trade in Bukit Bintang. Why should PDRM bite the hand that feeds them? Why should PDRM kill the goose that lays their golden eggs? Do you think PDRM will go in and stop these underworld elements from fighting with each other? Hell no! More likely both these rival gangs would be paying off PDRM!

Let us not mince word or try to negate or belittle what has happened in Bukit Bintang in this latest incident involving hand grenades being thrown around. 

The costs of doing the "sex business" in Bukit Bintang is high. It is high because of the amount of money they have to share with those corrupt cops.

The illegal sex trade is being carried out right under the eyes of IPK Kuala Lumpur perched on top of the whole sex industry opposite the site of the old Pudu Jail. From their lofty perch IPK Kuala Lumpur looks beningly over the whole of Bukit BIntang - literally within a stone throw away. All it takes to get to any part of Bukit Bintang from the IPK is, at most, five minutes ...and yet the sex trade flourishes. 

And there will be many who will quibble with me on my labelling it as a sex "trade" when in reality it has become already an industry with their tentacles reaching our to the highest level in PDRM and the Federal BN Government! 

And who is the Minister  in charge of PDRM ...that village idiot call Zahid Hamidi of course. And do you think things can be hunky dory between the "Sex industry " and PDRM if the Minister does not close one eye and shut the other?

Do you think he will stand idly by while PDRM officers get bloody rich without skimming something off the top for himself and his Umno cronoes? Huh..for sure not!        

What these Underworld elements are doing is the same as what these corrupt BN politicians are doing - making money anyway they can. 

The politicians have the OSA, ISA and all the machinery of government and more to make money in the millions if not the billions. They duped the Rakyat in the millions and to all intent and purposes they do it "legally" and have been doing it for over half a century....and they dare begrudge these underworld elements the use of hand grenades to settle their turf war? Huh....let these underworld elements use as many hand grenades as they want as long as they only kill each other! After all these corrupt BN politicians do their work in Parliament and in Putrajaya while these underworld element do their work in the early hours of the morning when most of us are asleep! And the money they make are nothing to the billions already sailang by these bloody BN politicians.

I am not condoning the throwing of hand grenades in the streets of Kuala Lumpur but you need to look at in in the context of what this corrupt BN government has allowed our country to become! Money and the getting of money dictates everything that this BN government do and this is why this nation of ours is going to the dogs!

PDRM has turned a blind eye to the goings on in Bukit Bintang and other parts of this country for too long because it profits them to do so. PDRM is able to do this because their political masters, Zahid Hamidi included, are ruled by the same masters as PDRM are - money...lots of money. 

How can they stop what these underworld elements are now doing to get the same things for themselves - money? 

I rest my case.

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