Thursday 30 October 2014

Andak Zack Zohdi.

Last night I posted "cakap cakap....on being  70" reminiscing about life as I see it. I recieved a comment on that post on my facebook and like to share that comment and my reply to it here:

  • Andak Zack Zohdi Upon reaching 70 you decide not not to associate yourself with Umno or BN 's govt anymore. Not even for another day you wrote.Well I don't exactly know whether before this you needed Um no and BN's govt to secure your successful life.
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  • Hussein Abdul Hamid Andak Zack Zohdi I am living in Melbourne in a two bedroom apartment subsidized by the Australian Government and living on a pension provided by the same government. All that I have today...whether the food in my fridge or the car that I bought last week I have been able to have because of that pension. I needed Umno and BN like I need a hole in my head because I had to trade on my wife's Australian citizenship to get PR in Australian because after many years of trying I was still not able to get PR for my wife and children to stay in Malaysia. I migrated to Australia over 40 years ago....I repeat 40 years ago.....what has Umno or BN got to do with who or what I am today? If you say that I have a successful life over here in Melbourne I would like to inform you that living on a pension is BELOW the poverty line in Australia cannot, by any criteria, consider that a success. I am contented because I have all that I need and as I needs are few. So if you think that that is successful so be it.....but Umno and BN certainly have nothing to do with it!

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