Wednesday 8 October 2014

How to Close Those Bloody Chinese Public School.

With thanks to Tai Zee Kin 

To my UMNO and Perkasa friends. 
Let me share with you the best and most effective way to close down Chinese public school.
The best way is this :
"Memperkasakan dan meningkatkan mutu / kualiti Sekolah kebangsaan sehingga tiada lagi daripada kaum Cina sanggup hantar anak ke Sekolah Cina".
This is a fact proven statement. You can ask all Chinese parents. If their kids got offered to enrol in school like SMK Victoria Institution, SMK St John, SMK convent Bukit Nanas, SMK Penang Free school, all were great Sekolah Kebangsaan, they will NOT send their kids to Chinese school, and send them to these Primier high quality Sekolah kebangsaan instead. 
Based on my experience, in sungai petani, my school SMK ibrahim happens to a premier school. Next to us is a Chinese School, 10 minutes walk. After UPSR result is released, almost 90% of Chinese parents, whose kids scored 7As and 6As from SRJK (C), rushed to enrol their kids in SMK ibrahim. The PPD was full with Chinese parents, coming with Surat sokongan from MP, Datuk, Ketua kampung, forming long Q to appeal to have their Chinese primary kids enrolled to SMK ibrahim. The PPD officer told me, those who got their second choice, which is the Chinese school, would appeal and appeal to get their kids transfer to SMK ibrahim.
No offence to my friends who were from that Chinese school, which happens to be an extremely competitive and high quality SMJK too, producing brilliant graduates. But many first choice is still the premier SMK ibrahim.
Look at Singapore. The last Chinese secondary school, Nan Yang school was closed down in the 80s, not because Singaporean government wanted to close down Chinese School. It's just that no Chinese Singaporeans, despite their perceived chauvinistic behaviour, would enrol their children to Chinese School. They would do whatever they could to enrol their children to famous and high quality national schools, like Raffles etc.
The right way to close down Chinese school, which many argued to be the main cause of segregation, is never through the Indonesia's populist way, ie closing down for the sake of closing down.
If the whole idea is to promote unity and integrity, why not do it in a powerful and impactful way? Ie drastically improve the quality of SMK and make it the first choice of enrollment.
I know many of you would come up and tell me, there are already many good and premier Sekolah Kebangsaan, but why the Chinese still don't wanna enrol their kids there? 
If you have friends who works in these school or the PPD, ask them how headache it is for them to deal with us, the Kiasu Chinese parents who beg and beg them to enrol their children to these Premier Sekolah Kebangsaan, only failing which would make them enrol their kids to their next choice of best alternative, many which are Chinese school that still use Rotan to whip their kids.
We as a country must progress for the better, and not regress for superficial experimental policy.
Inspired by my friend Jalil Backer.
I happen to be enrolled in the Chinese school for two weeks. My dad had to get his Datuk friend to write letters and Surat sokongan for me and brother, pull all his strings in Sungai Petani, so that we can get into SMK ibrahim. It was hell of an experience for my father because he told me there were so many Chinese parents who were Q-ing in PPd almost everyday in that first two weeks so that their children in that Chinese school can be transferred to the SMK ibrahim. For my school SMK ibrahim, it's a controlled premier school. PPD officer told my father, they will only take students with 7As Or 5As UPSR, or Tiket sukan, and on top of that only 10% non malay. He told my dad for great Sekolah sains, like SMS Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Sungai Petani with state of art facilities, only 5% Chinese.

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