Saturday 4 October 2014

Daddy is fading fairly rapidly......

Last night "Daddy" passed away.

"Just to inform you that Daddy (Ibrahim bin MZ Ariffin) has passed on peacefully in his sleep at home with me reading the shahadah and he is facing to the right MashaAllah at 1130pm, Friday 3rd 2014, Malam Arafah. We are arranging his burial details. Love Ann

There will be a great many Budak Kolet out there who will remember him as the Head Boy appointed by Tun Haniff - in those days the outgoing Head Boy appointed his successors... and then there will be his contemporaries (of which there are still a few) who will remember why he was called "Ibrahim Musang"  - a term of endearment for his "exploits" in MCKK. 

Many many of you who were doing your studies in London in the 60's will remember him as the MSD Officer in Malaysia Hall. 

Those who frequent the Lake Club will know Ib well for that was one of those places he so much loved and cared for and maybe there will be some amongst you who have had the pleasure of playing Tennis with him.

There will be many in Bangsar who will remember him for his WM64 Daihatsu Charade that he had and lovingly cared for for as long as I can remember....and those at the Bangsar mosque will know him as a regular ....but most of all we will remember Ib (as I call him) for being man quite like no other! 

He had dignity, integrity he was old school...he was above all a gentleman ......there are not many men of his ilk around anymore. Not many.  

Ib is my Uncle. If you say that Ib was a wonderful man then what would you have to say about his late wife Angela...for she was really an Angel....with nothing but goodness in her heart and kindness for everyone else. A remarkable couple that lived life caring more for others than they cared for themselves. This is the song I always think of when I think of Angela and Ib.....especially in those days when I see Uncle Ib all by himself after she left him much much too early....

For you, Uncle Ib, I can only say thank for making my life and that of my family, better because you were around. When I have more time to think and ponder, maybe I will write more about this wonderful man....for now Al Fatihah and our deepest condolences for Ann and Jason. 

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