Friday 3 October 2014

Sunset Over Selungo : The Rainforest is the Life and Blood of the Penan - SIA.

From a remote village, deep in the rainforest of Borneo, comes an inspiring true story about freedom and belonging. Sunset Over Selungo is a 30-minute journey into the jungle, following Dennis, Unyang and Sia of the Penan tribe.
Hunting for breakfast and living without internet might be difficult to imagine for most of us, but Sia’s daily concerns are just the same as anybody else’s - for his family and his community - and he is determined to protect them.


Sunset Over Selungo 

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The Selungo river runs through a remote network of valleys in the highland interior of Sarawak. Dense forests cover the steep slopes and ridges, blanketing the land into the distance. The Penan people are the original inhabitants of these forests. The Selungo valley is one part of their homeland.
Until the mid twentieth century, groups of the Penan tribe lived on the move, hunting wild boar and deer, fishing and gathering fruit, plants and sago from the jungle. This traditional nomadic culture underwent a radical change when Christian missionaries arrived and encouraged church-building. For the first time, the Penan started building permanent settlements and growing rice.
Despite these changes, the traditional tribal culture lives on. The Penan number around 10,000 people, spread across many villages. Although guns have appeared, blowpipes and poison darts are still used and often favoured for hunting because they are silent. Medicinal plants are collected from the rainforest to treat illnesses, and rattan - the fibres of a wild palm - is woven into mats and baskets. The Penan still speak their own language, distinct from those of other tribal groups.

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