Tuesday 30 August 2016

PetroSaudi's Tarek Obaid Cavorted With Nude Models On A Luxury Yacht As DOJ Filed Evidence On His Stolen Cash....

30 Aug 2016

Tarek Obaid, photoed on the 'scandal yacht' last month
Tarek Obaid, photoed on the ‘scandal yacht’ last month

At the weekend Malaysia’s bravest and most conscientious students walked peacefully through Kuala Lumpur to express concern over the leeching of their country’s wealth through 1MDB.

That theft was minutely detailed by investigators from the Department of Justice of the United States in their court filing of 20th July.

The students were exercising their democratic right to peaceful protest and freedom of expression and the event passed without a single incident of disorderly behaviour.

Nevertheless, because Prime Minister Najib Razak is directly implicated over 1MDB, his police chief unconstitutionally declared this student action to be ‘illegal’ on invented grounds.

Now agitators funded by Najib are seeking to ‘report’ and harass those students one by one.

Who is Halal and who is Haram?

Switch now to the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, where some of the key individuals identified as having stolen the billions missing from Malaysia’s 1MDB development fund were recently recorded participating in a very different set of activities by an outraged Turkish media – just hours before the DOJ report.
In late July, just as the DOJ was bringing out its findings on the largest ever kleptocracy seizure in the United States, one of the key players in the whole event, PetroSaudi Director Tarek Obaid, was featuring loudly in a yacht party that caused outrage in Najib’s key ally Turkey.

Two days after Najib's ally Erdogan had quashed a military coup pal Tarek and his Saudi hedonistic friends were enjoying Ukranian girls for money

Two days after Najib’s ally Erdogan had quashed a military coup pal Tarek (see arrow) and his Saudi hedonistic friends were enjoying Ukranian girls for money off the Turkish coast
Indeed, whilst Najib and his law enforcers have hit hard against protestors, they have worked equally hard to close down investigations over 1MDB and people like PetroSaudi’s Tarek Obaid, who has been living it up since 2009, getting chubbier and chubbier.

Tarek living it up

Tarek living it up

Bafflingly, while countries all over the world (eg Singapore, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the USA) have set about punishing their banks and other institutions for having processed stolen public money belonging to Malaysians, the Malaysian PM himself has refused to do the same.

Which means that PetroSaudi’s Tarek Obaid has carried on as before – enjoying the pleasures bought by billions stolen from a fund set up in the name of improving the lives of Malaysia’s poorest people.
This is what the Turkish media outlets were reporting:
“According to Turkish daily Cümhuriyet, the Saudi prince Nawaf bin Abdulaziz al-Saud has rented a luxurious yacht named “Desert Moon” for four days and flying British flag. The Saudi prince was accompanied by a great entourage of European supermodels, families and acquaintances.
Scandalous paparazzi pictures of the Saudi prince dancing with naked Ukrainian girls while live music was played shocked Turkish public and media.
The Saudi profligate prince and his companions swam in the dead of night due to security matters, enjoying all sorts of water sports and afterwards, the depraved guests were served with champagne and Russian caviar.
For the dinner, Prince Nawwaf invited his bevy of harlots to a fancy restaurant in Yalıkavak — 18 km away from Bodrum on the beautiful Turkish Aegean coast. In addition to restaurant bill which exceeded € 3700; the Prince wanted to display his immense affluence by leaving a € 500 tip to the waiter.”
Photographed at the centre of all this Turkey-shocking ‘debauchery’ was Najib’s joint venture business partner, Tarek Obaid of PetroSaudi. This is the man whom very many people in Malaysia are asking to be held to account or at least investigated for his role in the loss of billions from 1MDb.

Obaid spotted in the throng

Obaid spotted in the ‘lewd party’ throng

Yet, Najib has responded to the global investigations into this world ranking scandal by closing his own investigations down?

Obaid centre stage, whilst the DOJ prepared to finger his involvement in the billions stolen from Malaysia

Obaid centre stage, whilst the DOJ prepared to finger his involvement in the billions stolen from Malaysia

And whilst playing ‘holier than thou’ he has persecuted everyone, while allowing his close associates to spend the money from their looting on what most would describe as pure debauchery.

Why not shake up his dopey IGP and demand proper action and leave those students well alone?
Perhaps we all know why?

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