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steadyaku47 comment : 
The above is what many of you are now faced with when you click to go to steadyaku47.  What the authorities have been doing to a number of bloggers who hantam the corrupt political elites in Putrajaya, there are now doing to me. Not a blanket block that stops everyone from clicking on to this blog - that would be difficult, not impossible...but difficult to do because I blog from Melbourne....but enough is being done to "contain" this blog so that over time those who are unable to access steadyaku47, will drift away and forget this blog.
How much time, effort and money is being expanded to"contain" me and other bloggers who are an irritant to the criminal political elites in Putrajaya is not for me to know or even hazard an estimate....but you can be rest assured that the Rakyat will be footing the bill. 
With me they started by closing my BSN bank account in Bangsar.. This was no big deal to me for they was nothing much in the account anyway. I took all I could when I left for Australia. But not having a local bank in Malaysia is a bother when it comes to making some financial transactions that requires one. But I can live without that BSN account. 
Now they have given me recognition as one of those blogs that does cause some bother to the criminal political elites. I have stopped opening e-mails from anyone I do not know a long long time ago...but still I am bothered by viruses and what have you that slows the whole damm computer up. And as if that was not enough....they are denying a number of people who read what I write, the ability to click on to my blog. 
Am I upset? Of course I am upset and at times discouraged by these tactics of the authorities, but most of all I am angry. I have diligently been working on increasing my daily readers base....from 3000 in 2015 to its current 15,000. This increase is no accident - I work hard at it and now they are making it harder for me by blocking access to steadyaku47.
I intend to fight this by getting the help of people over here who can do something about making it easier for you all to click on to this blog. I know it can be done but it will cost me....but on the more practical side....I intend to work harder on this blog to make it interesting enough for any of you to want to stop by and read what I write. 
There are stories I want to tell, ideas and thoughts I want to share but most of all I want to keep reminding you all of the abuse and misuse of political power that is being done by this damm BN government, their cohorts and by that lying, thieving, queen control prime minister  who for now, reigns supreme over all this moral and ethical decay they call government. 

Taken at 10.01 PM Wednesday 17th August, Melbourne. I will not go away!