Sunday 28 August 2016

cakap cakap : blocking the blogs.

Two or three years back...if you were to ask me what I blog answer would invariably include such lines as "I want Justice for all Malaysian" or " I want corruption and money politics to stop"...or words to those effects. 

And I write about all those things and more in an easy gait, maybe a canter now and then, but never at a full tilt gallop heading towards any matalamt. I like to write and I had things I wanted to write about and share with those who read what I write...but when I was sleepy, I slept. When it was too cold to sit at my desk to think and transpose my thoughts onto my PC via the keyboard, I do not do so. I will down tools and go watch any decent documentary on TV and rarely do I miss the News that informs me of the things that are happening around the world. 

Blogging was a thing I do when I had the inkling or the inclination to do so.

Not anymore!

Every day, without fail, I literally spend hours giving life to this blog. When I am away from my Mac I have a pen and paper by my side to jot down anything that comes into my head that I want to write about later.My last conscious thoughts before I drift off to sleep is what I will write about when I wake up. 

The rage within me is for all things Najib, all things Rosmah, all things Umno and BN and the arrogance and corruption that is synonymous with their ilk. But this rage is toxic to my very self. I must shake myself out of this malaise or it will drag me into an abyss that will overwhelm me...and yet I do allow that toxicity to ferment just below the surface for it drives me to try harder, write better and blog with an intensity that somehow, pleases me. 

And lately, with this renew offensive by the powers that be to block out Malaysia Chronicle I started to wonder if lunacy has joined the idiocy that already prevails within this BN government in their attempts to abolish any dissent to their rule within Malaysia and elsewhere. 

The answer is certainly "YES". 

In these last week or so I have begun to realise how desperate Najib and his thieving lot are in their attempts to survive politically....desperate enough to think that steadyaky47 is a blog worthy of their attention. Let me enlighten those bastards whose work it is to block us bloggers and other social media enthusiast from accessing each other's blog and for others to access our blogs. I do not know too much about the others ...but let me speak for myself. 

I "work" on my blog alone from a small two bedroom apartment in between taking care of my wife. I am as much a threat to Najib, Rosmah, Umno, BN and their ilk as Malaysia is in danger of an Earthquake that registers a 6 on the Richter scale. In other words, any attention the authorities deem deserved to be focussed on my blog will only serve to do good for my blog because as a blogger, any attention is good....just as any attention, good or bad, is good for someone craving attention. The more "attention" they give to this blog, the more clicks I get. What idiots these people must be if they think they can close every dissenting bloggers just because that is what Najib wants them to do. Have they not got any other way to spend OUR money? Huh

I am not craving for attention. Hantaming Najib, Rosmah, BN and Umno has now become "work" for me...and thankfully I am bestowed by Umno with the best of my expectations.... that one day the powers that be are disturbed enough by what I write and have decided to set their pit bull dogs upon my physical self. By doing so, even if I am physically eliminated...or should I say exterminated...all they do is to bring awareness of the steadyaku47 blog to others....and for that I can only be grateful.

So even if the powers that be do their worst upon us bloggers, what they do only give us merit in the eyes of many who read what we do your worst!  

Taken at 12.03 AM Sunday morning 28th August 2016 as I finished this piece. Not in deep thoughts....just pondering the trials and tribulations of blogging.

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