Monday 22 August 2016

K Hell.....Hell it really is!

In K HELL...what is happening?

The motorcycle rider with a pillion shot the lone biker who crashed into them. The lone biker fell onto the road and the gunman riding pillion ran to finish the job but didnt realize that cops were at the junction. The cops shot the rider and his pillion as shown in the gun flashes. The condition of the three guys are unknown. This was reportedly captured by CCTV in KL.  

steadyaku47 comment :  

What do you expect when the prime minister puts to shame the exploits of any criminal in the nation over which he governs? Botak Chin, Bentong Kali and all the heavenly Dragons of the under world must bow to what Najib and his wife have been able to pillage and plunder from the coffers of our nation. 

What do you expect when the IGP clears the prime minister of any criminal behaviour for doing what these hevenly dragons of the underworld also do

What do you expect when the daugfhter of the IGP sells the very guns and ammunitions that would and could likely cause the death of any of these underworld gangster and even his own officers too?

What do you expect when the AG is party to, and complicit to all of the above and probably more? 

You and me can shake our heads and ask "WHY" dear friends the time for asking is over. Now we have to "DO"....ask yourself what it is that you can and will do?


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