Friday 26 August 2016

cakap cakap...Friday evening and all is not well!

I was in Sydney yesterday.No urusan negara. No urusan for the opposition. Just my own urusan of which there will be more to write about if things does develop. It was a day trip and I had to be at the Melbourne Tullamarine airport by 7 AM which meant leaving my place at 6 AM when the temeprature outside is also 6 degrees. One of those times in my life when I was not too keen on the number 6. I had thermal underwear all over, a shirt, a sweater and a wind cheater...and damm, I still felt the cold! Too cold to wait for the tram so I reluctantly accorded myself the luxury of hailing a taxi for the ride to Southern Cross to get the SkyBus to the Airport. Short flight and it did not helped when the Captain announced that we will be landing shortly at Sydney where the temperature is 4 degrees and wet!

Sydney reminds me of Singapore. Towering buildings all around you, organized chaos and everything ticks over like clockwork and you can feel "world class" reverberating from your surroundings. No...nothing of Sydney reminded me of K Hell. Nothing. 

I had things to do and people to see. Had a quick Malaysian lunch in Broadway and then headed for the nearby Broadway Shopping center because my Mobile battery had conked out. Headed for the nearest telephone kiosk and asked for a battery for my Samsung mobile. The guy behind the counter extended his hand to me and said "Apa Khabar" ....a Malaysian from Sabah. We had a quick chat as he was replacing the battery for me and said our goodbyes quickly because there was a line of customers behind me also waiting to be served.   

Then it was back to doing things I had to do and people I had to meet. 

By 7pm I was on my way back to the airport for my flight back to Melbourne. 

Flying when you tell your travel agent that you want the "cheapest flight available" means that it is all that you can afford... which means no gantry for entry into the take a long cold windy walk on the tarmac, climb the stairs to the plane and sit down where ever they sit you down. I was back in Melbourne just past midnight. My wife was already asleep but my son waited up for me. It was good to be home!

Friday, the Muslim sunat day (nudge nudge wink wink...) is almost over. It is past 9.30 PM  and I am sitting at my desk "working" on my blogs. The first article I wrote about the Sydney trip has simply disappeared. When I clicked "Publish" the screen went blank and I could not retrieve it from anywhere...poof disappear into thin air...and so I had to write it I do not know if the viruses in my computer are working to make life difficult for me again...but lawan mesti lawan.

 Enough for now. I want to have dinner and then maybe write some more before sleep....and in between I want to spend some quality time with the Mrs.I do not know if she knows I have been to Sydney and back yesterday but I will tell her about it anyhow. Yes she does not say anything back but I think she listens...and that is good enough for me. Life is good.          

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