Sunday 28 August 2016

From Germany : "Kalau itu rezeki kita, ia tidak kemana"

Zubaidah Aziz feeling thankful.

Life in Germany: 

As I alighted from bus line 249, I realised that I was carrying only 1 carry-bag when I should be having 2. I was travelling home from Uhland Str. shop. After finding the bill of Sprintout computer shop I rang up to enquire whether I had left it there. The lady searched and told me that there were no bags anywhere to be found.
Next step: I crossed the road to catch bus like 249 on the opposite side and told the bus driver that I had left a red-cloth bag in the bus 5 minutes ago.
"Please wait for the next bus and check with the driver"
Patiently, I waited, told the bus driver: "I was travelling with bus line 249 15 minutes ago, I believe I have left a cloth bag in that bus.
He asked: "What colour is your bag?"
"Red" I replied.
With his left hand he grabbed the "red-cloth-bag" and handed it to me.
He smiled as he saw how relieved and the happiness that was written on my face!
"Oh ... Danke, danke, danke"
I got out of the bus feeling so grateful
"Kalau itu rezeki kita, ia tidak kemana" Alhamdulillah
With slow steps I walked home ...

Zubaidah Aziz
Zubaidah Aziz Over the years that I have lived in Germany, it is the system that lost items are often returned to owners, if we make the effort to search. Shahida, my daughter's toys or my reading glasses were found at the BVG (Berlin Bus Service) "lost and found" with a mininal payment of (formerly) Deutsch Mark 1.00 or currently Euro 1.

Zubaidah Yusof
Zubaidah Yusof Alhamdulillah aunty... Saya pun pernah tercicir Rücksack di Strassenbahn dalam perjalanan ke airport Frankfurt. Semua dokumen - tiket untuk saya dan anak, pasport, wallet -einfach alles- dalam Rücksack tu. Tiba di airport buat report di Fundbüro, Polizei dan cuba di kaunter MAS untuk benarkan saya fly juga -the lady at MAS counter was soooo rude, i'll never forget her- . Saya tak dapat terbang pada Sabtu tu dan terpaksa balik semula ke rumah. Hari Selasa saya dapat panggilan dari pejabat CDG, Rücksack saya sampai dari Fundbüro Flughafen Stuttgart! Ya Allah, semua dokumen, cash, pasport masih utuh, tak diusik. Ramai yang jujur di sana..

Zubaidah Aziz
Zubaidah Aziz Betul, cilvil mindedness di germany cukup tinggi.

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