Sunday 21 August 2016

Riza Aziz back in KL via a Diplomatic Passport?

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steadyaku47 comment : I came across the above posting this morning and spent some time trying to verify the truth of the story : That Riza Aziz travelled back to Malaysia using a Diplomatic Passport. Today being Sunday I was not able to get through to anyone able to confirm or deny that Riza did travel on a Diplomatic Passport...or that he is even in KL.

Diplomatic Passport

A diplomatic passport is a passport which is issued to someone who must travel internationally on official state business and they may be issued to other people within the government as well, depending on the circumstances. Diplomatic passports are usually a different color from other types of passports, making them very easy to identify; black is a classic color for diplomatic passports. Carrying a diplomatic passport does not entitle someone to diplomatic immunity.

If someone qualifies for a diplomatic passport, his or her immediate family qualifies as well. Once the passports have been issued, the bearers must apply for diplomatic visas, although some countries allow people to travel visa-free with diplomatic passports.

 Diplomatic passports are no-fee passports, and people should not have to pay for their diplomatic passports and visas.

Long story short, Romah would have a diplomatic Passport and since she qualifies for one being the Prime Minister's wife, it can be argued that Riza, being her immediate family, also qualifies for one....and Rosmah being Rosmah or a bitch...strike out whichever description of her you think is not appropriate...she might have requested (read "demand") that her anak tersayang be issued with a diplomatic passport to allowing him to abscond from the clutches of the US DoJ and return back to the warm embrace of mummy tersayang!

Tapi sebodoh bodah Najib pon I do not think he will do that....for word will surely leak out about this abuse. The truth will come out sooner rather than later. Common sense tells me that the above story is just a mischievous piece of news meant to embarrass the First Famiy....yes that family in Seri Perdana is the first family. The one staying in Istana Negara is I have been reliable informed.    

 What say you?

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