Wednesday 17 August 2016

SCC : Most despicable PM and that thing he calls wife.

SCC says  : We are living in a time of the most despicable PM and that thing he calls wife. Our PM is so desperate these days to show the world that all is well by having pics of him doing his official duties taken with leaders of other countries. 
First, Jokowi, that's too bad, bcos then the DOJ news was still fresh and that meeting was planned ahead in Jakarta beforehand. 
Next was some bag carrier for Duterte. All this pics was enlarged. 
Today it was the His Highness from Swaziland. 
Do M'sian get the drift?

No respectable leaders now will want to be seen with this bastard and I'm still waiting which developed country he will visit next. 
Since the DOJ news broke, this pariah is suddenly quite homely and that proud jet is gathering dust at the hangar.
steadyaku47 comment : Agree with SCC. A pariah of a prime minister that will be reduced to "visiting" heads of government in those Tin Pot Alley countries in Africa....and that too only if he comes "bearing gifts!".

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