Monday 15 August 2016

cakap cakap...Monday morning.

I am having one of those mornings! 

Three times this morning I have sat down with my cup of Nescafe at my keyboard ready to write and post something on my blog...and clicked in my head. 

I was so sure that I was going to write something about that idiot in Melaka who thinks that instigating the Malays into thinking that the US will be gunning for them next will give them some "oomph" and make them more patriotic! 

And if that was not enough to make his fellow Engineers proud of him, he goes on to use that "get out of jail" card that always seems to get Umno criminal leaders out of any predicament ....that "ALLAH" argument that he uses to explain Najib's stealing and lying ways! This time he tells us that Najib is "Anugerah ALLAH" to us all. 

Nothing came to my head to allow me to expand on for now that Melaka CM (whose name escapes me for now because he really is that insignificant!)...that Melaka CM will just have to stay an idiot until I can think of something "better" to call him by.

As I was saying before that Melaka CM rudely interrupted my train of thoughts...nothing came to my head. So I stopped for a while to go see Andy Murray win another Gold Medal...that ended half an hour ago...and still my head is empty of anything that would allow me to write....again nothing. 

I am taking a break to let my mind meander where it wants....if I was in K Hell I would be heading for Bukit Bintang to get some of those Curry Puffs at See Kee. Three of those Kambing Curry Puffs and two of the Ayam Curry Puff will set me up for anything!

I wonder if the old man is still there...the last time I was in K Hell he did look a bit worse for age. Maybe I will go to Kampong Baru for some Nasi Dagang and fried Chicken or Kueh Teow at Tanglin Hospital in Bukit Aman.....all these memories makes me smile. At least then I knew the important things in life....good food at prices that I can afford!

Alas I am now in Melbourne. Melbourne caters for the other things that I want in my life... a city that I want to live and die in and a lifestyle, not of the rich and famous, but enough to keep body and soul comfortable and happily together. And for that I am thankful.

It is 11 AM and my day is about to start. Got to get my wife up and ready her for the day. Yes guys my day starts when she is ready to get up....before that I may try to do some "work" on my blog....and today "no can do lah" switch off my MAC and do what all other bloggers do when they can no longer write.....pray and feverantly and desperately hope that the ability to write comes back to you asap....or else sure die one lah!

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