Friday 26 August 2016

Laughter....GOLF and BADMINTON

steadyaku47 comment : With thanks to brother Yunos for the above that made me smile so early in the morning.  I trust brother KB will take note of same because not only does he plays golf BUT I think he still has his balls (and "NO" I did not take a look and I will not be specific about which balls I am talking about!)...and if he wants to keep those balls (yes PLURAL!) take note of the above!

And for the benefit of Jawi, Jakim, PAS and Umno members, this is someone playing golf.

And the clip below is NOT of someone playing golf!

It is a video clip of someone playing badminton!
Saya share aja. 

P.S. one of Umno's avid but confused supporter have just berated me for using images of foreigners to illustrate these games and he forwarded me this youtube of a Malaysian,  he insists,  is playing golf! What say you?

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