Sunday 21 August 2016

cakap cakap : SC Chan on Badminton

8.28 AM Sunday Morning. 21st August.

This morning, I awoke just like any other 69-year-old man.....with a back ache gently but painfully throbbing away because I have thrown my back of whack by tossing and turning during the night thinking of all that is happening in K Hell. I went through my morning routines with much care in order to not aggravate it further. Sad to say in that I did not succeed. Somehow, while drying my back after the shower, I managed to twist my neck to limits that an old man should not twist their neck. So here I am at my desk about to start "work" on my blog with a cup of tea rather than Nescafe in the hope that tea would calm my aching body more that what a strong cup of Nescafe would do......that it did not do! 

The pain is is hoping that writing will do what that tea has not yet done!

Among the comments to what I write, I found one by SC Chan. As with all comments that I receive ....some of what he has to say I agree, some I am prepared to dispute and some I would discard if I have my druthers...but as always, it is your privilege and SC Chan privilege to agree or disagree with me....and if I find any of these comments "interesting" I will share them with you matter my likes or dislikes of what they write....for this blog would be a dull and boring place if we do not agree to disagree once in a while. Enjoy.

On another note, let's talk badminton a bit.

We fail again to deliver the Olympic gold. First, there was angry reaction to poor choices of headlines by certain newspapers, follow then by overwhelming show of support of heroics this and that. We have overdone ourselves towards both end of the extreme and this is a bad sign, not sure how many have the same view as me.

As for me, by the time of the 3rd final, I've lost all excitement about it and when we blew that too, I'm not a bit disappointed at all nor do I have any emotion about it. I wonder why?

Of course I know why, as for the last few days, it's been overkill. Overkill due to all the politicians who had directly or indirectly politicize the whole damn thing to a point its shameless. Somehow in our sporting history, this must be the first time, even sport can't bring this country together. We are so screwed.

We Malaysian definitely do not know how to appreciate sports as they were anymore. We take it as political mileage, more concern about sports monetary rewards, Facebook likes, commercial angles and whatnots that had nothing to do with the games.

Another example that this country is definitely going in the wrong direction. Thanks, PM Najib, your divide and conquer policies is definitely a huge success. Now put a Gold Medal around your own neck and hang yourself with it.

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