Monday 15 August 2016

cakap cakap ...saya minta tolong.

Dear Friends

"steadyaku47" has been my "work" from early 2009. With over 8000 postings and 8.3 million clicks to date I now have an average of 15K of clicks daily. 

What now are my plans for this blog?

At 69 years old my priority is to take care of my wife who is now 70 years old. It has been four years since she was first diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia and today she needs to be cared for 24/7.... a responsibility I am privileged to be able to undertake for someone I care for, and have love since we first met when I was 21 and she 23. Taking care of her is my life.

If I am to continue to blog, blogging must not come in the way of taking care of my wife. 

Unfortunately, it now has. 

These last few months I have been experiencing much too much interference with too many aspects of my blogging...mainly from the virus, sent from places unknown,  that has infected the workings of my Mac. Every time this happens I have had to use the services of professionals to clear up the infection and this, of course, cost money. Money I cannot spare and money I do not have.   

And more irritating it has slowed down my work rate on this blog - more hours spent on this blog than I use too....hours that should be spent on taking care of my wife. 

The advice given to me is that I need to upgrade my MAC or buy a better one if I am to be rid of this irritation....and I would still need to seek the services of these professional every now and then to ensure that my MAC is clean of these viruses.

The time I spend on this blog is mine to give, and I give it willingly....but any money I need to carry on blogging I will have to seek from those who read what I write. If you can help me to keep this blog alive and well....please donate via pay pal what you can to make that possible for me to do. For any assist, I say "thank you".


I have been requested to provide details of my bank account for those without Pay Pal and those who are having difficulty in using Pay Pal - so here it is:

  • Hussein Bin Hamid
  • People's Choice Credit Union.
  • Australia.
  • BSB 805 050
  • Account Number : 4395862

My email is     

Thank You. 

Wednesday 17th August:

First a heartfelt "thank you" to Denzel Koh, See Chiau Chan, Kamri Jusoh, Khong Loh Fong, Mohamad Fadhil Abdullah, Geck Song, Jason, Jin Tan, Kester Loo and Robert Leong for your gladdens my heart and makes all those early mornings and late night blogging on steadyaku47 something I want to keep doing because you guys "cakap serupa bikin" when you tell me to keep writing and you will help

The last time I asked for help was in June last year to meet my wife needs after she was hospitalized for six weeks....and you all did not disappoint me.

From the e-mails and comments I got you guys wanted to know how much I needed this time around and for what purpose. 

It depends. 

If there is enough I would like to get an Apple iMac 27 inch 3.2 GHz inch which costs Aud $2600....if not a decent second hand iMac costs around Aud$1500 to Aud $2000. I also need to have in reserve enough to go clean any virus that is sent to my compuyter from time to all I am trying to raise Aud$3000. If it falls short of that then I adjust accordingly.

So far the above individuals have "donated" (I smile whenever I use that word and think of Najib!) a total of Aud $430. Thank you for doing so.

As I have said before my needs are few  and my wants even less. I live according to what I have. I have no doubt that my friends who read what I write are many out there....please donate whatever amount you can afford. Asking for your hard earned money is never easy for me to do but I will still try because if I can reach you with this message I know you will at least consider my request. Thanks.   



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