Saturday 20 August 2016

Quickies : Rosmah Going To Rio?

Can all Malaysians beseech our beloved Kak Rosmah to leave 4 Rio tonight (cabinet already approved jet for your use!). Her presence will give peransang to dato LCW. After the match, win or lose, please Kak Rosmah,  please don't come back!

Can you all imagine Kak Rosmah dancing to "I go to Rio" on the Jet to Rio? all you want but don't come back!

Ingatan kapada Kak Rosmah kalau ka-Rio dari adik Johar Bobby Johari :

Johar Bobby Johari
Johar Bobby Johari Haiya kasi Fobia LCW kes pelukan.ketat yg melemaskan dulu.

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