Sunday 28 August 2016

Australia : Advantages in being poor.

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, that does not sound right. Let me start again. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a man of any means....still not right ma! How to say that I have enough to keep body and soul together and yet not tell everyone that I am poor? Susah....banyak susah to do to face anybody when they know you are poor? 

Those thoughts came to my mind just a few minutes ago when I wanted to start this piece about life here in Melbourne....and yet the truth of the matter is simply this. I am earning so little money that the state of the economy of this country has no bearing on how I live. The government does not raise taxes on the essentials of life. The government will never do anything that would affect my purchasing power for I buy no luxury items nor do I have the money to buy an upmarket European car, an expensive watch or eat at fancy restaurants ....all sources from where governments are most inclined to raise additional taxes.

They are advantages to being poor!

As for my mind...brains, grey matter or whatever you may call it...let me make a small confession. I cannot play Chess. My brain simply does not have the capacity, the capability  or the inclination to even try to understand the moves you must make to play Chess....and this is not easy for me to say because when she was well, even my wife can play Chess!  

Though I can play Draught with the best of you and give a good account of myself and possibly win a game or two.  As for Nought and Crosses...I will take all comers any time, anywhere!

All these things were on my mind this morning as I began to consider my shortcomings and deficiencies against my blessings. We all do this from time to time for the purpose of giving thanks to the All mighty whenever we think that our cup runneth over....if our cup does not runneth over, it is still prudent to pray that it will runneth over in the near it not?  

As I said, I was doing some thinking this morning about my lot in life. No complaints. I wake up every morning fully grateful that I am in a country where the individual ranks above a Minister and even at times the PM! They rank higher than me in the scheme of things in Australia because while I only take care of myself,  they are in Public Service....but I am the Public, so they serve me....and woe betide them if they stray from the path of righteousness in doing that service! 

The prime minister and his ministers never ever forget that. Just yesterday there was a change of government in the Northern Territories. 

| 10.45pmShorten congratulates Gunner on outstanding victory
Federal opposition leader, Bill Shorten, has released the statement below following Michael Gunner’s election win:
I have spoken to Michael Gunner tonight to congratulate him and NT Labor on an extraordinary victory.
This is an outstanding result for Michael, his Labor team and for the people of the Northern Territory.
Territorians have punished the CLP for four years of scandal and controversy, and rewarded Labor for working hard and listening to people.

Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, is looking forward to working with the new chief minister, Michael Gunner. Picture: News Corp

Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, is looking forward to working with the new chief minister, Michael Gunner. Picture: News Corp
Michael listened to Territorians and offered a positive plan for creating jobs, investing in people, and restoring trust and integrity in government.
Territorians have responded to Labor’s plan, making the CLP Government the first one-term government in the Territory’s history.
Territorians sent a clear message to the Turnbull Government at the federal election, electing Labor members to three of the four representative positions. They have sent another strong message to the Liberals tonight.
I visited the Territory twice during the NT election campaign and it was clear locals were ready for change.
Territorians have rejected a government that focused on itself, and voted for a government that will prioritise jobs, healthcare and education.
Michael is a decent man and a strong leader. He will lead a government of unity, stability and integrity.
I look forward to working with Michael and the new Northern Territory Government.

Here in Australia, the voters decide who will govern them.  That is why I say that here in Australia, the individual ranks higher than Minister or even the PM.....and that thought leaves me with a good feeling even though I am poor. 

Every morning here, I wake up with that "oomph" within me that tells me that anything good is possible if I want it to be so. If I am stopped by the police for a traffic infringement, I only have myself to blame. If I need to go to a government department for whatever purpose I know that  i will be treated respectfully and with the utmost consideration to my needs and wants and the person dealing with me will also expect me to treat him/her with the same consideration. There will be no stupid or self-serving statement by politicians in the papers or on TV...if they are, they will be swiftly put in their place at the first opportunity by the media and the public. And I will be very surprised if the prime minister's wife is mentioned in any other capacity than her own - that of being a prime minister's wife - no more, no less.

Having counted all these "blessings" I go make myself a cup of Nescafe and start work on this blog while my wife is still sleeping and the morning is still young. Life is good. 


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