Wednesday 31 August 2016

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Last Sunday 28th August I wrote about "Toyo : the corrupt ex-MB with his brains stuck in his zippers" and among the comments made by those who read what I write were two that I want to address:

tuan Hussein,

your last two sentences in this article are wrong. The business of men having two, three or four wives is not a blight on the Islamic religion. it is a personal decision, which has basis in the Holy Quran. You can debate this personal decision, but firman Allah SWT are not up for debate. Nor should it be consigned to the rubbish bin. Never


steadyaku47 comment
Here is the thing about the internet and blogging that we should understand. When you put anything on to the public domain, be prepared for people to agree, disagree or dismiss your comment out of hand without making an attempt to explain to others why they have done so. 

If nassa nassarudin tells me that the business of men having two, three or four wives is a personal decision which has a basis in the Holy Quran then my argument is simply this : Yes it is a personal decision of the man - but in the times that we live where men and women are more equal than at any other time in time, I personally am of the opinion that if men are allowed four wives, then wives should be allowed, four husbands. However, if you are of the opinion that women are not the equal of men...then there is no room for argument and I rest my case.  

Lim Guan Eng made the same mistake like Khir Toyo buying property below market price while holding public office. They did not let go the opportunity of benefitting from a good deal. As for taking a second wife, he did it openly with his 1st wife knowledge. Khir Toyo is being responsible to buy and feed the cow that gives him milk. Obviously Mr Hussein subscribe to a different set of social values!

steadyaku47 comment : 

Agree with you on that Lim Guan Eng comment. 

I want to comment on the second issue of me subscribing to a different set of social values. Social values is a relative concept depending on the culture and historic time frame that you are in. I am in the 21st Century and I have lived in Australia for the past three decades. Yes  we do have a different set of social values. Here even if your wife agrees to you taking a second, third or fourth wife, woe betide the husband if that becomes public knowledge because he will be ostracised, ridiculed and treated with contempt and disgusts by his peers and the public.....and in my opinion, deservedly so. 

Whether the social values I subscribe to is better or worse that the one you subscribe to is a matter of opinion. Salam   

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