Thursday 18 August 2016

Collin Yeoh on TARGETING the Malays and PANDERING to them.

Collin Yeoh
Collin Yeoh says:
I attended last night's "Parti Baru Harapan Baru" forum, and came away with a fair bit more optimism towards Bersatu. I credit that to your colleague Syed Saddiq (who, by the way, could do with toning down the "university debate" style of speaking a bit).

I think an important line for Bersatu to be aware of is the one between TARGETING the Malays, and PANDERING to them. It's a line you should never, ever cross. Stay on the right side of it and you may well earn the non-Malays' trust.

In fact, here's a suggestion for a ground rule: be very, very careful when using the phrase "Malay rights." In fact, consider banning the term from your vocabulary altogether. If you must ask why, think about how Malays would feel about the term "Chinese rights."

Instead, speak of "maruah Melayu" when talking to rural Malays about the damage UMNO has done to them. I trust you can see the relevance.
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