Monday 18 October 2010

Anwar ibrahim - Political Animal No: 1

This is Anwar Ibrahim. A Political Animal of the highest order....and like animals in the wild, survival of the fittest defines what he does. He alone is responsible for what he has now becomes. Others can come for the ride and join him in his fight for victory - victory against Mahathir, against UMNO and against Barisan Nasional and all those forces that seeks to destroy his political aspirations and hopes to change our political landscape for the better - but he knows that he has to fights the demons that hunts him alone. Do not think that he is not frightened when he stands in court to face those Sodomy Two charges. He has been denied justice before  - what is there to stop it from happening again?

For those of you that expects better things from this Anwar -think! What more has he to do to show his commitment to our aspirations and hope for change in our country. Of course I would have wanted Anwar to do better in ensuring that the people around him are to be trusted. I would have wanted Anwar to not be too ready to stand in the line of fire  - as he had done time and time again - and in so doing allow Najib and his goons to fire at him indiscriminately. And the hits that he has taken has sometimes hurt him. But then that is the only way he knows to do politics. He is there on the front line and he will take the hits as they come and then rise again to fight another day. That is the nature of this man!

All is not good in PKR. All is not right in PKR. But what is good and right in PKR is much much better then anything Barisan Nasional has offered and can offer to us. Do not be too harsh in your judgement of what Anwar had done in PKR and Pakatan Rakyat. Give him your hope and your understanding for what he is trying to do. He has made mistake and will continue to make mistakes but he is after all like you and me - flesh and bones. When he does good we will be there alongside him. If he starts to stray we will also be there to guide him.

Enough of this quarrel amongst us. Soon the party election will be over but our fight with Barisan Nasional will not be. Let us not break ranks. Let us not jostle each other. Let us all march forward together against Barisan Nasional....and in case you forget what Anwar has endured...see what comes below.              

And I still say he cannot sing!

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  1. Thank you steadyaku for putting up this post! Well written and concise and the videos. The mere listening of Negara=ku.. brings tears to me, one of those numbers who have no choice but to leave the negara that we were born in and having left for about 8 years now, we still read and think of the beautiful country that we once lived. We pray and hope that one day Malaysia can be governed better (not wanting to make comparison), so that we can go back to live our remaining years.