Monday 18 October 2010

cakap cakap...another 5 shot dead by PDRM?

Wanted men gunned down

KUANTAN: Five men, high on the police wanted list, were shot dead by police after a 15km car chase which ended in Indera Mahkota near here.
The men, believed to be foreigners, were shot dead at 4.15am yesterday, not long after the car they were fleeing in skidded while negotiating a bend.
All five were killed on the spot when they refused to surrender and tried to attack the policemen with parang.
State CID chief Asst Comm T. Narenasagaran said police cornered the five suspects and urged them to give themselves up.
After the car crashed, the men charged at the police personnel.
“We have followed the procedures and had to shoot them in self-defence,” he said.
steadyaku47 comment:
Has it become the norm for us to ignore these kind of reports? Is it logical that five men with parangs will attack policemen who are armed with God knows what kind of arsenals? PDRM says that these five men were high on the police wanted list and yet in the next line PDRM says "The men, believed to be foreigners".....PDRM are not sure who they are and yet they are high on the Police wanted list!
In the interest of our safety and anybody else who are suspects criminals but not yet convicted by a court - there must be some way to make PDRM understand that life is precious. Even convicted criminals are entitled to fair punishment. 
I can only presume that more likely then not, these policemen were Malays. And being Malays they must be Muslims. Maybe in their prayers ALLAH will guide them to do the right thing when they next feel the urge to shoot other people in self-defence...and while they are at it...also pray that ALLAh will give them the strength to say "TAK NAK" to corruption.  
And may ALLAH guide the iGP too...for GOD knows he needs all the help he can get!



  1. I would like to join you in the hope that PDRM will also heed the widom from my GOD. I hope that my GOD will give PDRM the wisdom to do the right thing at the beginning instead of doing it unsuccessfully in the end. To help them to decide what is right and waht is wrong please follow this simple rule. When you do somthing that is ridgt you want to tell the whole world. But when you do something that is wrong you do not want to tell anyone- not even your wife.
    May my GOD be with you and protect you in your work.

  2. Alasan yg selalu kita baca dan dengar,,, PARANG PARANG PARANG,,,,, itu lah alasan yg paling kuek untuk menembak mati orang yg di syaki penjenayah, baru di syaki,,tak pasal pasal mati katak !!!!!!

  3. And the Bar Council tells us we can ask non-uniformed persons who claim to be police for identification.

    Malaysia - truly dysfunctional.

  4. The PDRM should understand that PARANG..does not justify them to shoot people.They need better training to handle situation...