Sunday 17 October 2010

Confronting your fears
I think a lot stems from your ability to confront and deal with your fears. Fear is a natural human state. It’s an emotion but we need to realize it is a natural state that must be dealt with. Fears tend to rule our lives, to dictate what our actions are. And you can’t get a total control over them. I mean, you will remain afraid of something, but to gain confidence about confronting your fears, I think that’s one of the first things to master in life to reap all it has to offer.

Warren Brown is the host of the Food Network show, Sugar Rush. He had a career in health education and law until he decided that his true calling was to become a pastry chef, and is the founder and owner of bakery CakeLove. There are currently five CakeLove locations in the Washington DC area. Warren received his bachelor's degree from Brown University and a J.D. and master's degree from The George Washington University Law School.

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