Friday 8 October 2010

The State of our Country! Where Thugs are Kings!

What is this culture of people making Statutory Declaration and Police Reports and having thugs and what have you invade ceramah and media conference that is now becoming so common in our country? How is it possible that all this happens without any action being taken on those that makes and then retracts these Statutory Declarations and falsifies these Police Reports? And the thugs that goes in to break up press conferences and makes threats to those present – is PDRM powerless to stop them? Is it not a reflection of the lack of security and the inability of PDRM to make these thugs understand that their kind of behavior will not be tolerated? But then am I preaching to the converted? Is the government of the opinion that these are part and parcel of how things are in Malaysia because the Police themselves employ these methods at the bequest of the government? 

Najib and PDRM – this is what our country has become!  What do you intend to do about it? This also happens in the Perak State assembly 

And in front of our Parliament too!

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