Wednesday 13 October 2010

Cakap cakap…reply to “anonymous”

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The "I do not want a BN government" list!":

Hi ho Silver
You sure got a long wish list. But what you are asking is just that, "Arse List". You want to live in a perfect world, go dig a hole, jump in, don't forget the C4 and have a blast.
The way you talk about all the ills that the BN govt. has created and not even giving due kudos to what they have done good is typical of those who missed the gravy train. And my dear new Aboroginal friend, you missed the last train to the Land of Plenty so it's the Reservation for you. I feel sorry for those who keep reading your rants and sore loser comments about us Malaysians. By the way, what are you? A Malay, Malaysian, transplanted Aussie, new Abo mate, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!!!--


The above is a comment I received for my posting of the: "I do not want a BN government list”. I want to go head to head with this guy now!

First you know who I am, where I write from and if you go through my blog all about my background, what I have done when I was in Malaysia and what I do now! No anonymous  - everything out in the open!

You write under ‘Anonymous’ –why? You want to sing the praise of the BN government  - a government you say deserved ‘kudos’ for what they have done – and yet you are not prepared to put a name to your self and hide behind ‘anonymous’ – malu ka? 

No I do not want to live in a perfect world – there is no such thing as a perfect world – but I do NOT want to live in a world where corruption is endemic, where projects and infrastructure undertakings by the government of the day are characterised by systematic failures, and money politics is practised by BN – as confirmed by their own president – among others!

No I did not miss the gravy train! Read what I write and you will understand that I was in the thick of it – I bribe government servants and politicians at all levels. I got projects and participated in ‘negotiated’ tenders time and time again. Construction projects, supplies to government ministries etc – I was involved in all this and more!

If you want to know WHAT I am – I am a Malaysian Citizen with Permanent Resident status in Australia. I choose to live in a country that allows me to choose what I want to do with my life in as long as I am mindful and respect the rights of other inhabitants of this country.

Here I am not a foreigner, not a pendatang, not a Bumiputra and certainly not someone hounded by the government just because I do not agree with what Julie Gillard (that is the Prime Minister of Australia – in case you do not know!) says. I can call her a stupid idiot if I want to and know that there will be no Special Branch knocking at my door at 3am this morning! And if you want to know what I know about the Special Branch in Malaysia? Well my late Father was once Head of Special branch in Penang and later Director of CID before he retired…yes that is right Director of CID – not a Chief Inspector, not a Superintendent of Police – he was Director of CID!

Now over to you ‘anonymous’ and tell us what you mean when you say  “The way you talk about all the ills that the BN govt. has created and not even giving due kudos to what they have done good”…….okay you tell us now what good this BN government has done and we will hear you out! Camna? You stupid little man hiding behind 'anonymous'!


  1. Bro,, otg yg berselindong di sebalik anonymous adalah mereka mereka yg COW`ARD,,!!!!!!!! LOL... keep on write my Bro,,,, see ya next n3 mate !!!!!!!



  3. hie is one sour grape because he did not get the istana negara contract....perhaps

    Anonymous just back from China with some government officers

  4. I bribe government servants and politicians at all levels......

    i think this hussein guy was once an unmo guy coz only guys like them bribes government servants. either he has made lots of dirty money out of those contracts/fell out of grace from umno/trying to repent in Australia or a sour grape he is. Which one is him or you can add to the list of possibilities..

    WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!!!--

  5. Sir,

    An excellent reply. You had it all and admitted it.

    To the anons, be men, stand up and be counted for doing good deeds.