Thursday 21 October 2010

Woi Najib...UP YOURS!

Najib UP YOURS! You call yourself our Perdana Menteri? Our Leader? Or are you a sheep that follows the flock? From as long as I can remember you have been a follower ….…no, not a dedicated follower of noble ideals or lofty beliefs…but a follower that takes his position at the back of the herd. Never having the courage to be in the front line. Never ever being the first to embrace what would be the right thing to do because to do so would leave you alone without the insidious comforts of those you crave to have around you…those like minded cowards who seek the comfort of the herd.

You will never understand that to be a leader you must lead. You must stand-alone at times because you have listened to your heart and understood the need to go against the grain because that was needed to be done for the people and for the good of Malaysia.

You Najib have always waited to see whose side would win before you jump towards the direction of who ever is winning….if the winner is for Ketuanan Melayu – then you are for Ketuanan Melayu. If the winner is going to be Mahathir that is where we will find you. Now what if the winner after the 13th General Election is Pakatan Rakyat? Where will you be? Or are you going to declare yourself to have always been a closeted Pakatan Rakyat operative? Huh!

Now again we see you for what you really are! Running towards any direction that will give you shelter, comfort and a belief that you will survive this UMNO assembly and live to fight the 13th general election. And the direction you perceived will save you is to stand before your UMNO altar and warn of 'crushed bodies', 'lost lives', 'ethnic cleansing' if status quo is not kept!”

You expect us to capitulate? You expect us all to run helter skelter towards the so called protective embrace of Barisan Nasional and put you and your gang back into power to hold sway over us all again? You are stupider then I thought! Think man, think!

We have had enough of these annual threats from a myopic UMNO assembly. At least that Din guy, who also happens to be your cousin, injected some drama with his Keris wielding stunt. You Najib, like in Sibu, can only promise money or as in the UMNO assembly threaten us all – the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians the people of Sarawak and Sabah and all those that call Malaysia home with 'crushed bodies', 'lost lives', 'ethnic cleansing' if status quo is not kept!”

Cukup lah Najib. Steadylah. We are only talking about an election…not an erection! Do what I was thought to do by my elders when we were circumcised/bersunat….when we think we are about to have a ‘problem’ with our just circumcised member…..give a few knocks on your kneecap…it will bring everything under control! Do that Najib and do not forget…we are talking about an election not an erection...and remember those few knocks on the kneecap…it really does work! 


  1. give the man some room. at least he is trying or seen to be trying. as "anony..." above declared 'monkey brains, pig speech'; that just shows what manner of person the writer is. and if this is what you steadyaku47embrace as one of you soulmates, i dread to imagine what leadership qualities you are looking for. remember, nobody kicked you out, you choose your own path. maybe the authorities were closing down on you for corrupt practices in your shady deals (as you proudly admitted yourself) so you fled with you illgotten gains and declare yourself a new millionaire in Adelaide. you poor aussies, taken in by a true melayu malaysian.

  2. The doctors must have slipped when they circumcised Najib and accidentally (or was it on purpose) cut off his balls

  3. There are many roots of Malay in Malaysia. For the first time in history, UMNO jokingly call each other mixed origins....but still Malay. Mamak Malay...Semporna lanun....etc..Some Turkish blood also Malay...

    However, I do wonder if A.Samad Said, our GREAT expert...would EVER INCLUDE MONGOLIA Origin as Malay too?

    Interesting to find out...Dont u think so...HH?

  4. I know this is quite lenghty. But please see if you think it fit to be posted in your site. Thanks

    Political Gamesmanship – Is Najib Serious?

    There are just too many contradictions. Is anyone out there still in doubt that Najib’s pretenses amount to anything but empty rhetoric; that rather than burning Rome, he would do anything to guarantee the continuation of his sordid lifestyle albeit that he himself realizes that his behavior would gain him nothing but empty accolades from the very same herd of bovine scoundrels that he personally detests.

    You reckon that the racist appeal in his speech has anything to do with his personal political and survivalist agenda? How mistaken can one be. There is nothing so enigmatic about the man nor his conduct that anyone who has been observing him over time may find difficult to understand.

    As simplistic is his nature; did anyone not expect Najib to constantly waiver when his political future is threatened. And, this latest spectacle, happening just weeks after his sanctimonious pleas for moderation and how it would do others well to emulate Malaysia’s model for inter-ethnic conflict resolution.

    Do you not think that his aristocratic background has failed to ingrain in him a modicum of understanding of shame and embarrassment? Do you still believe that he would have deliberately chosen to assume such a desperate and combative stance when he is aware that unlike others, the ex-PM included, his conduct and utterances are under the constant glare of both the local and international media, and that unless he is in a self-destruct mode, he should be wary of what exits from his mouth lest he be considered as nothing more than another political pariah.

    Anyway, what else did one expect Najib to do? He had to play the same game as MM, Perkasa and Moo, did'nt he? One up on them! Is'nt he simply raising the stakes here? Did you think that, sensing that Moo was about to pull the carpet from under his feeble feet, he would just sit around, do nothing and just let things happen? What may have escaped his calculations that unlike the bellicose attitude and primate-like screamings of his political detractors, Najib, as the Head of State, should never had descended to the level of the political scum that he was competing against for his political survival.

  5. Part 3

    Forget the faggots from among the coalition's partners. Do you not see how politics is being played and how entire communities are held to ransom, especially when their leaders are so badly tainted and/or seen to be desperately trying to cling to power, even after having been abandoned by their own members, that they have no option but to depend on the charity of UMNO to survive.

    I am tempted to believe that threats against CSL were perfectly timed to shut MCA up when Najib made his thinly veiled warning to all those who opposed UMNO and, mind you, I say all those, since his baying for blood is not only for that of the non-Muslims but for anyone who dares resist UMNO's retention of Putrajaya, regardless of who they were. Its not just the non-Muslims he is after this time and, it is in this that there is some consolation and assurance, that his treacherous rhetoric will amount to nothing, but insensitive and provocative utterances that lack any amount of political will nor courage to actualize them.

    Let him be. Is he only trying to survive and to continue living in abject sin and the obscene luxury he is accustomed to, which he will not compromise at any cost and, of certainty, not do anything to harm his and UMNO’s ability to continue with the rape and plunder of the nation’s economy.