Friday 15 October 2010

Ronald Reagan...a Good Man!

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  1. Hi En Hussein

    I kinda like ur selection of music.
    Mostly cos' i share the same
    taste, i guess...but im still young :)

    I must say that ur commentary on the state of affairs in Malaysia is interesting and it's comforting
    to know that fellow Malaysians abroad are still concerned of their
    motherland. Most people would probably have given up and resigned to the fate that Malaysia is most likely...(i hate to say this) going to the dogs....

    One of the reasons i've become an ardent follower of ur blog, is partly due to ur focus on politics in the international arena. After demoralising stories of politicians in our country, im left in admiration on how gracefully and with pride some heads of states carry themselves.
    (as compared to the bunch of specimens in our parliament)

    Not a fan of Raegan, don't think he did much for US, but he was an
    eloquent speaker with a touch of humour.

    Keep blogging and sharing please.
    At least it provides a beacon of hope in these dark days.

    I'd like to invite u to visit my blog too , at

    Im just a beginner, but hey... a journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step.

    Let this be the slogan for our fellow comrades fighting for a new Malaysia too ...:)