Tuesday 12 October 2010

Advise to Pamela Lim.

Take five and step outside the box.
No point in fighting a battle you cannot win.
You have made your point.
Those that matter now know what happened. 
Those that matter are we.
You and me.
You are one with me we are two.
Together we can make the difference.

I ask that you keep your anger boiling inside you. Work towards getting Barisan Nasional out. Work towards getting MCA, MIC and UMNO out. This is the only way you can make your anger constructive. Do not debate with those that do not understand the misery our country is in.

Keep your anger but do not let it eat you away. Go and start your real work to remove this Barisan Nasional Government – only then can we talk about reining in the rampant corruption and bullying of PDRM upon us all.
Until then we wait!


  1. Sir,

    Nasihat yang sangat bernas dan amat berguna dalam perjuangan BN Zalim.

  2. Don't be angry...think... get even.
    Kick BN/UMNO out next GE.