Thursday 7 October 2010


Listen to both of them talk and you will understand why Singapore is what it is today and Malaysia is what it is today - and after this please do not ever put you know who on the same level of you know who! No comparison lah!  


  1. Singapore is a 1st world country with a 1st world mentality.

    Malaysia is a 3rd world country, period.

  2. 1st world mentality my foot !






    1. The Malays have always been parasites & living off the hard work of other races. Balik ke Indonesia lah. Malays are not orang Asli. Mamak balik India.

  5. Hello Saudara Hussein

    Lovely to know that we think alike :-).

    I did a post comparing LKY and TDM's comments called "What lies beneath the subtle differences" last month...

    Take care and keep up the excellent blogging.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  6. The numbers speak for themselves. Spore a 1st world country with 1st world GNP per capita figures where people, whatever race or religion are given equal chance (meritocracy) to succeed.

    Malaysia, much larger geographically, with vast natural resources, started at the same time with Spore, still in 3rd World (or emerging market if u like to call it) with lowly GNP per capita figures and if not careful, will slip into a failed state like Pakistan.

    Very soon Malaysia will be exporting maids to other countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia etc..

  7. Singapore has a very understanding and wise leader. Singapore is blessed!!

  8. 22 years of Mahathirism has lead the country down the slippery slope of the fate of a '3rd world country'. All it takes is a wrong leader and that's it.

  9. The interviews are bias, but the facts remain the true. M'sia politicians are very very busy sideline chinese and indian, until the normal malay miss understands other races, they use religion as a tool. I always ask my dear malay friends 2 questions; 1st: Have you ever been bully by a chinese or indian other than gangster, anwer is NO!!!! 2nd Q : Have your rice bowl ever been taking over by a chinese or Indian, answer is NO!!!
    Within us we are friendly malaysian, amond us no misunderstanding, it is only the newspapers that make up story and make us tension. Advise to one comment, Spore malays pity us cos they can stand on their own feet this include all the malays who don't get help from UMNO.
    Penang malays will one day feel like spore malays, proud!

  10. M'sia can do better if it is not because of those Umno policy, up to today, those chinese and indians will not hurt m'sia, but those comes by sea and later obtain a m'sia indendity card are those who one day will hurt m'sia.

  11. I think generally the norm malays like to live in peace, they are happy peoples, only those who have good return from their party crony are selling bad things about other races.
    Today more malays are migrating to over seas under 2 situation, 1st those who make lot of unclean money and they move their children to over sea to look after the dirty money, 2nd those malays who can stand on their own feet but can't get into Petronas and work, they too leave.
    I want all malaysians to know like what Obama said to americans, either we move forwards together or we don't move at all, M'sian should do the same, move forwards without all this useless politician like rice yatim, raper.

  12. Look at M'sia policy, if a chinese open a factory, he will face all kind of problems, Bomba, town council, health department, labour office, the department having a very good system, but the enforcement officers are those who take advantages over their power. If you complain, normally you will face more problems as they won't take action, just like the macc, plus the court, the judge will not take side or one sided, not murder and also not suicide? so we have no one to turn to, if this goes on, we are soon behind Vietnam, and others.

  13. If M'sian politician keep on telling malays that chinese and indian are so bad, using king as their defence, use police and judges as their tools, let their crony keep on sweeping m'sia money, keep on let the big fish get away like charging toyo with such a low offence charge, m'sia will not improve, we will be weak, s'pore and indo can look down on us anytimes, all the rich umno doesn't matter cos they has houses in oversea, only the poor raayat will suffer.

  14. Singapore is a 1st world cuntry (yes i didn't mis-spell) and i'm singaporean.

    3rd world people who pretends to be rich but owe so much money to the government and banks.

    Singaporeans are very poor things. They dare not speak their minds and discomfort to the government for fear or being put into Mental hospital or get catch by ISD.

    Singapore is only good for really rich people. but again if you are really rich, whereever you go its the same.

    How many leaders have been put to jail because of LKY, how many did Mahatir put?

    With UK now releasing confidential documents, LKY asked singapore to be kicked out so he can have his own Fiefdom.

    Newspaper in Singapore is ranked 151st by Freedom house, 133rd by another study. What freedom in Singapore?

    In singapore PAP, ANY type of Caucasians and REALLY RICH people are 1st class citizen. Other foreigners including maids are 2nd class citizens. PAP Cronies and those who think they are very close to PAP are 3rd class citizens. True born and bred singapore citizens who serve 2.5years of national service is 4th class citizen.

    No other country welcomes prostitutes from china, vietnam, cambodia, philippines and give them PR and Citizenship in RECORD time.

    Singapore government call ALL foreigners, Foreign talent, yes even the bus driver is talent.

    Singaporeans are shit. If you are a singaporean reading this, DO SOMETHING about it this election. If not you are just an ostrich with ur head in the sand or YOU are the 3rd class citizen.

    I'm applying for malaysia my 2nd home. All my friends malay or chinese are truthful and go out of their way to help me. In singapore, they ask you to hurry up and DIE!

  15. One of the roles of government is to be fair to all its citizen and help those who need help. Not by identifying the race then proceed with the assistance that are predetermined to each race. Throughout history, human demand fairness, regardless of race. Malay who need help MUST be helped. So are other races. Once fairness is not there, dissatisfaction occured.
    God help Malaysia for its cloudy future.

  16. Let not talk about Spore and M'sia, let compare to one more country Indonesia,
    Indonesia Chinese open a factory, thousand of indonesian will work for him. M'sia, no malay would like to work for chinese due to bad information spread by nthe politician.
    Indonesia chinese factory can sell all their products to indonesian, in m'sia chinese's factory products is hard to sell to local, need to export 40 to 50% to oversea, at today world economic mati frog.
    there are so much freedom in indonesia, all kind of business activities can carry out, all indonesian can work at anyplace they like, even in places selling alcohol. All country has their problem and unfair treatment to their citizen, but most of the times are those who have authority but use it as a tool for their own gain, another group is those umnocronycurroptor who speak and act to condem others, please foolw up the life style of those umnokaya who has anak stay oversea, see how they spend, there are still many poor malay and chinese and indian, in m'sia there are only 2 races, the richcurroptcronyumnomalay and the poorcheatedmalaysian.

  17. Ask those malasian who are 45 years old and above, ask how they study and play in their school, ask how they compete with each others, ask how much they learn and remember till today and compare to present lever, form 3 to form 3, form 5 to form 5, for me, we can sit at the same canteen table and eat our own foods, those days malay student only joke about each other eating habit, today is bad comment, today many practices by each race are turn into act to attack others, making many m'sian miss understand each others, let those umnocrony to make extra extra corrupted money and move to oversea, spend their money there like heaven, let those poor who still fight each other and forget how to get them, please m'sian, today news spread so fast, even a single race in eygpt who has one major religion still bad wrongly lead by their politician, so beware as today the umnocronymakanduitharamputra will take as much as possible as they might not have 2nd chance.

  18. Both may be corrupted and a hypocrite, but one sure did stand up and stand out for his country and the people prospered in equal rights, a country where any race, be it Indian, Chinese, Eurasian (dll -others) and Malay can be a President??? Go question to everyone's self in Malaysia??? Yes LKY ruled the Island, its his right in order to get things right. What have we Others so called Races achieved in our homeland called MALAY-sia? I would have loved to add another alpha at the end of Malaysia, but thats my personal choice. More rubbish, nonsense forced down our throat, inferior services and products from the govt, inferior roads, poor lazy atitude in their depts when we make our hard earned money to pay heavy taxes to keep their jobs, its getting worst corrupted and a damn foolish dumb politicians being elkected into parliment when they cant even sperak english and cant even speak BM in good taste, all they do is talk rubbish and discuss nonsense and fight amongst themselves in parliment. Ever case and issue on corruption etc coming up is by them, their relatives, their friends and own kind??? How can this country move forward, even if Mahathir was bad, well it seems even worst now without Mahathir on the top of govt, there are more problems, more racial dissatisfaction and disharmony, why??? Who is cajsing all this?? Not Mahathir any longer, its the current??? Cant you all realise this? Why have the billionaires like Robert Kuok and YTL move their wealth out of this country, they know what they cannot rely on, its becoming another Indon where all the chinese have taken their assets out of the country mostly. For same reasons. Alkl the Muslim religious departments including Ministers were making so much hoo haa as a warning on not to celebrate Valentines, and the very next day, smack on front page Star papers, the M's were happy celebrating Valentines on a train organised by KTMB, but no one said or commented neither did the religious dept or Pm';s dept say that they are gonna take action agaisnt those people and kick the ass of the head of KTMB out of this world, no these does not happen cause its always a slap in their faces, a lot of loud mouth with no substance, full of hypocrasy, Tunku Abdul rahman did not give neither did he say, the government must support and give to the M's, no there was an allocation but not what they all think today that it is a MUST to give and support and assist all the M';s all the way till the end of bancruptcy of this country, all misunderstood, no, missedused, abused by all old and current leaders to their benefit of their political career and the rakyat are actually still dumb and made used of thinking the top are doing alkl this for the bottom, what a laughing stock the bottom M's are? so dumb, its so easy to manage and influence the kampung, cheers to that. Anyways, we the dan lain lain have been able to stand on our own feet, manage and supporta nd gain wealth and knowledge for ourselves without help and are doing beter in honest hard earned blood, sweat and tears. My believe till today, the best thing for this country is like what the govt have been doing to all other depts all this while, trying tio better the system but infact truth behind was for their personal gains, so my belive is that this GOVT should be PRIVATISED to Singapore, as the Management consultant of our govt and country and I am very confident 1Malayisa will then reach its true meaning and things will change for the right and better. Cheers to all those of you who disagree, you can be contented as you are, cheers again!

  19. One is a Kacang Putih and the other one is a Gem.
    The Gem has brought the nation to success. The Kacang Putih is still unsure of who he is.

  20. One is a Minister Mentor; the other is a Minister Tormentor.

    One is an icon of the country; the other is "I con" the country.

    One is a realist; the other is a racist.

    One brings the country from 3rd world to 1st world; the other bring the country from 2nd world to 3rd world.

    One gets invited to the White House to brief the US President; the other had to buy his way to the White House for photo-shoot.

  21. Singapore is no where near the first world living standards and graciousness.

  22. btw, singapore is first world only to the rich and those who are shameless enough to pay themselves millions .... enough said

  23. haha.

    Mr Anonymous from SG speaks the truth. SG is wonderful for all foreigners and worst if you are a Chinese male.

    A fine Cuntry indeed

    Mr Pma

  24. Gerakan and UMNO were the ones that sidelined Malay in Penang. Look at them ruling Penang for the past 30 years?

    These 2 Gerakan and UMNO were the one who ate state money and causing state budget deficit.

  25. Rather than take a Chinaman vs a Malayman approach, we need to go further. What are the lessons here for the ordinary guy like us?

    1. It is a fact, many young singaporeans today don't like the paternalistic approach of LKY and so do many malaysians abt Mahathir. But that's not the issue.

    2. The issue, is, what have we learnt so far so tht we don't commit the same mistakes again?

    3. Specifically, what is the rakyaat's role in the new age? Or are we like sheep that need a good shepherd to guide us?

  26. shut up lah you self racist kundut.

    you not malay and will never be one.


  27. See how smart is Mathir: Mahathir's Disastrous Financial Speculation -

    He has cheated the true Malays in Malaysia!

  28. It is difficult to compare and it would not be fair as there are obviously different problems and totally different environments in which these two leaders operate. what is important though, are the results of their leadership. How does the world see Singapore and how do they see Malaysia. Are the people better off compared with the time when these leaders started? The conclusion is yours.

  29. Lee Kuan Yew exudes confidence while Dr Mahathir is basically an insecure person with what Malaysia's first Premier Tunku Abdul Rahman called an inferiority complex.

    Lee Kuan Yew talks about the world as if it is his oyster while Dr Mahathir is still fixated on what he did or did not do during his 22 years in office and gunning down his successor.

    So where is the comparison? They just have different worldviews because of their different background. Put it this way: one is an intellectual and the other is a psuedo-intellectual and does not know it.

  30. A leader is only as good as his succession plan: MBA 100
    Singapore succession plan has been working very well in GCT and LHL.
    TDM's still working on his as the anointed baldy keeps losing more hair each day............

  31. In Singapore meritocracy is a cunning ploy to subjugate the Indians and Malays. With more than 75% Chinese it is quite difficult for the non Chinese to get the merit scholarships and top training in universities. Over a period of years when they are excluded from top jobs then the non Chinese are no more the elites because the cannot net work and hob nob with the top echelon group of people. Look at the Singapore banks. They do not employ non Chinese.Also Singapore invests billions in China only.The Chinese do not generally patronise non Chinese businesses. Worst of all Singapore advocates a population ratio policy which manipulates to ensure that the Chinese remain more than 75% at any time.I can give many more instances of racial policies of Singapore. Look at the media, even in locally produced sitcoms the non Chinese are only used as extras or sidekick characters. When you tour Singapore look around and you will only find big businesses run by Chinese and the non Chinese are relegted to "mama" shops and fringe retailers. So please do not try to make us dumb by making itlook like the non Chinese are racists and the Chinese are angels.

  32. Not true LKY himself does not speak Chinese in any form, he only pandered to Chinese when he needed our support.

    Nowadays his family is established, he doesn't need Chinese as much. You can find all sorts of scum occupying all sorts of high positions in gov, banking, corporates in SG, including many kunduts. You must be blind if you don't know this.

    LKY / UNMO / PKR in reality all work for the same people ....Jewish Bankers and most Malaysians are too coward to admit this.