Sunday 10 October 2010

Steadylah Zaid Ibrahim!

Not being in the thick of it all while PKR is in the process of having its party elections I am reluctant to make any comment as to what is happening on the ground. In fact if you have been reading what I write, I prefer to write on generalities rather then specifics. But Zaid I cannot ignore!

He says he is not standing for any post. He says he is standing for the number two post. He says he will let PKR members decide and then he goes to the media, to the blogs to YouTube – to any media available to cry “WOLF” and plead his case - not to the ordinary members of PKR but to the world at large! He tells us he is being bad mouthed, ostracized – his people are being punished, hit and threatened. He calls Anwar an ordinary member. He suggests an Azizah and Zaid team. Then he goes to Nurrul side and tells us he will not stand for number two post but will assist Nurrul. He once said he will not stand if Khalid stands for the number two post. But now gives the excuse that because he has more nomination then Khalid he will stand.

Now all this cuts and thrusts of politics are being done in the full glare of the media, the blogs, You Tube - anywhere he can. He telegraphs his intentions, creates waves, pukul chanang here and there, makes detours, turns around and makes u-turns in no go areas!

Not for Zaid the planning of his political shenanigans in the privacy of his home or at his electoral office amongst trusted cronies – NO – all done live with reporters breathlessly scribbling down notes while Zaid pour forth his words of wisdom! Throwing rhetorical questions to them as they throw questions to him. I will do this if this happens and I will do that if that happens. But I reserve the right to do this with that and that with this if this and that becomes those! Aisehman too confusing for me!

No Zaid this is not on. I do not see Azmin doing half what you are doing. I do not see other leaders within PKR doing what you do. Maybe they do not have the financial resources that you have to whip the media into such frenzy? Single handedly you have created an artificial media frenzy which is harmful to PKR’s cause. PKR’s cause is our cause. You harm PKR you harm us!

And now as if harming PKR is not enough are you driving a wedge between father and daughter, husband and wife, mother and daughter? Please leave Anwar and family out of your personal agenda. Are you not doing the work of our enemies for them?

Why do you think your support of Nurrul would be in her interest? If it in her interests you will withdraw? If it is in her interest you will contest? Who decides what Nurrul’s interest? Nurrul herself, Azizah, Anwar, Azmin, the Party members or me? Or is it  YOU that decide that?

Always Zaid, it is always you, you and you that matter. I, me and myself!

In 2000 you joined UMNO and became division head of Kota Baru a year later. Not at State level not at Federal level. At bahagian Level in the state of Kelantan. You were dropped as UMNO’s candidate in the 2004 General Elections. Pak Lah picked you up as a Minister. Not UMNO, not the Supreme Council, not UMNO members but Pak Lah himself. We now know that that selection was flawed and proved harmful to UMNO. When Pak Lah lost his mandate, you lost yours.

While still in UMNO you attended a PKR rally. Good for PKR bad for UMNO. Some would call it a brave act by someone determined to do what his conscience tells him to do – some would call it as act of a traitor that bit the hands that fedes it. You let Pak Lah down you let UMNO down.

You approached DAP first. But Dap already had the people they needed and they had good people waiting in line to offer their services to DAP on a need basis. Those waiting in the wings were tried and tested lieutenants that could be relied upon to work in DAP’s interest. PAS was not on your agenda, as they know you too well.

PKR was kind to you. Anwar was accommodating. Federal Territory Chief. Supreme Council member. Political Bureau. Calun Hulu Selangor (and when you lost it was the Party’s fault not yours!). Would DAP give you all that? Would PAS? 

Then what happened? In PKR your style of politicking lacked rapport with the grass roots. In  your role, in your agenda, in your speeches it was all about you, you  and you. What you are bringing into PKR, what you want to do, what you think PKR should do! You choose to be absent at most party meetings - sometime up to 3 or 4 meetings consecutively – and when you did attend meetings your participation and contribution was insignificant! Then you took six months leave to show your spite to PKR. All this PKR took as part of their learning process in accommodating you –their then poster boy in the eyes of the public! You were quite a catch then!

Rule number one: In any political organization always attempt to resolve problems within the party’s structure. You Zaid is a supreme council member and a powerful political bureau member. You do not use the press, blogs and websites to say and do things that is against the spirit that the party upholds.

Rule number two. Observe collective decision. Do not voice your displeasure when your opinion and proposal are shot down by the Supreme Council. When you still want to win when you have already lost you cannot use the press, the blogs and website to plead your case because the collateral damage to PKR will be serious. You did that to UMNO and now you are doing the same thing to PKR? While PKR leaders will not want to create more problems for themselves by keeping quiet I will not sit and be quiet while you continue do this!

Let me make one thing clear to you Zaid. Yes much has been made of you joining PKR. It seems to me that you have the full support from those non-Malays and non-UMNO link within PKR, all the NGO activists, Pas and DAP too seems to favor you. Wan Azizah and Nurrul too? They all seem to nosily and vocally support you. But these people do not vote and if they vote in PKR their votes is but a handful.

The media has not asked the ordinary members that vote what they think of you and whether they will vote for you. The ordinary members of PKR do not have blogs to write of their intentions and what they think of you. What you write of yourself you do because you have the means and the financial resources to do so.

Everything you have said and have done is about you! About taking care of your interest. About your standing for that post or this position. In Nurrul case what you are really saying is this: “Look Nurrul you stand for the number two post against Azmin and I will withdraw. When you win against Azmin it is because I withdrew from the contest. Do not forget that!”.

Always Zaid it is about you and what you can do and what you will not do. How important you are to Nurrul, to Khalid, to Azizah and to the party.

Anwar? To you he is just an ordinary member not worth your concern. And yet this is the ordinary member who took you in and gave you that Supreme Member seat, Federal Territory Chief, Political bureau etc etc.

Cukup lah Zaid. Even here from Adelaide I can see through your manipulations. Is Azmin doing the same thing? Probably yes but he has been in politics long enough to understand what can and what cannot be done. What should and what should not be done and he is doing it all quite well.

So please do not blame Anwar, Syed Hussein, Azmin, Azizah , Nurul or anybody for your present predicament. You brought it all upon yourself! Now dah tak boleh gostan!

You did not resign from Pak Lah’s cabinet. UMNO’s Suprem Council told Pak Lah that your services were not longer required. You left UMNO. Tried DAP who did not want you. Now what will you do in PKR? Leave PKR?

Think! From being division head of Kota Baru to being Cabinet minister and to thinking that you might be the number two in PKR - in a political organization that won 41 seats in the last General Election is one hell of ride! And if you do become deputy in PKR and Anwar loses sodomy two – then you think you can bring Azizah down and lead PKR to the 13th General Election with the real possibility of becoming Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Ahhhh that possibility would make any mind crazy……power corrupts and the thought of having absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Woi wake up Zaid!   

This is not a Cinderella fairy tale with an incredibly happy ending – nor are you having a massage in Thailand that will also give you a happy ending!

Pakatan Rakyat first tier leaders have all – I repeat all served time under the ISA! For Tok Guru his son did the honors on his behalf.

All Pakatan Rakyat political leaders have spent time in the political wilderness and for PKR they have been there since the time PKR had one – satu- uno seat – not the number of seats that they now have! And you want to bring a new way of doing things in PKR? How? Trial by Media – a Media that have proven themselves to be the running dogs of Barisan Nasional? Huh!

No…not possible. Some of those in PKR might have had some morbid fascination for an UMNO ex Minister with a lot of money coming in to join their ranks but what has happened since the start of the party elections must really make them stop and think again.

When all is said and done you can tell yourself this. Yes there was a chance to take PKR for yourself….but like Don Quixote who attacks a windmill believing them to be ferocious giants  - in the end you will yourself know what is possible and what is impossible in life….in PKR. I think for you Zaid that illusion will have no happy ending.
Now what will you do once the party election is over and you are left high and dry up a creek without a paddle? Leave PKR the way you left UMNO? You left UMNO once when PKR beckons. The same reason you left your bad habits behind because if you know that in Malaysia if you want to get anywhere politically you have to do that. You have enough brains and money to work out in your head what you have to do to get ahead politically and in life. But pandai pandai tupai melompat…

Zaid it will not be Anwar or PKR that will dismiss you. I think you will take yourself out of PKR when you know that PKR is no longer able to provide you with the means and the path to your political ambitions to be Prime Minister of Malaysia.

You have a self-inflated opinion of yourself. You tell yourself that you are the white knight that UMNO needed. Then presented the same White Knight scenario to DAP and then to PKR. All said “NO. PKR has called your bluff.

For those other PKR leaders who have kept quiet and ask the ordinary members to vote them out or in – the time nears for these issues to be decided.

As Zaid gets more desperate he appeals not to the ordinary members of PKR but to those outside PKR – to those who will gain most from a divided PKR. In the end once they have wrung every ounce of negative ness they can get out of you about PKR then you will no longer be their poster boy! By then it will be too late for you to go back to a PKR that you have rubbish constantly. What do you do then Zaid? What will you do?    

It is okay to go public when Teoh Beng Hock was murdered by MACC. When Kugan was murdered by PDRM while under their custody. Hell in some case you cannot keep things from going public when it happens because you simply cannot - like Anwar being beaten by the Inspector General of Police. But for Zaid to go public because he wants to win a post in PKR? Cannot lah. 

We need to understand this about Zaid. People with FU (Fuck You) money will do exactly as they please. He will listen to people like you and me in as long as we tell him what he wants to hear. If not........  


  1. do you want this drunken babbling guy to be the next pm. PERGI MAMPUS LAH

  2. i used to support him alot.
    But not anymore -the day he agreed to interview by Utusan.
    bodoh kita sokong dia.


  3. FU you Zaid... well said brother. What a selfish fellow, my son call him Garfield hahahhaha he is out to destroy the Party for his selfish interest.
    Zaid needs to join Alice in the wonder land deep into the rabid hole!!!

  4. yes, apparently his strongest supporters are actually not members of PKR. they're the media, bloggers, website owners and their regular visitors n readers.
    who are you really Zaid?

  5. Well done, having said what you think of bloated egos !

    Wonder how the hell did those Peoples Bloggers got conned too ?

    The title of his book says pun melayu would already have told you and us something

  6. Yo steady47,

    PR whether PKR or DAP or PAS all tak boleh pakai.

    BN, UMNO, MIC, MCA dll all also tak boleh pakai.

    Malaysia is screwed either way. In 20 years time, we will be a 3rd world nation and our master will be Singapore. Singaporeans will treat Malaysia as its playground.

  7. Steadyaku47, I agree with your observation on Zaid. He is making use of Nurul for his political expediency. He will try his luck to challenge Wan Azizah for the president post after baiting Nurul to take deputy president's post. I can read his crooked mind three step ahead already. Can't trust this guy when he insists on talking to Utusan, the paper that spits venom to Pakatan Rakyat.