Monday 11 October 2010

Cakap cakap....Life and Death.

And as I watched her I see tears in her eyes as she looks at her loved ones gathered around her – probably for the last time in her life. They hold both her hands and her feet with love. Stroked her forehead and lay their hands on her shoulders – all quietly saying prayers for her in these final conscious moments of her life telling her of their love for her… she too told them of her love for them in the only way she now can…with her tears.

For me it was a moment for a life to pass in front of my eyes and we all had to say our goodbyes to her and she to us

It is moment like these in our life that defines the future for us. Always after these moments you go away resolved to live life better. Be a better person and maybe for some of us try to understand the meaning of life as defined by what we have just experienced.

For me personally I no longer need this kind of emotion sapping moments to begin thinking of life and about what I want to do with it. I think of life constantly. It is good to think about life and your part in it. There are no answers. No constants in life. It keeps changing and requires a certain acceptance that you are really powerless to do anything about it except to change yourself. And maybe that might be enough. But there is one thing you can be sure of about life – it will go on. 

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