Tuesday 19 October 2010


If there is to be hope for our country then the 13th general election is the time for change. That change must bring with it leaders we can trust. Leaders we can depend on. Leaders that have integrity and will be accountable for their every action in their time in Public Office. These are the leaders that we will allow to govern us and to lead us towards hope for  a better future for ourselves and more importantly for our children.

If there is to be hope for our country there must be a collective consciousness amongst our people to insists that ethics and morality be the prerequisites for anyone who intends to the Prime Minister of our country. This collective consciousness should cut across our racial divide and become a unifying force to remind our Prime Minister and all those that will be members of his Government that the time for change has come. Ethics and morality will be the cornerstone upon which they will build our country again from the ruins wrecked upon it by years of mismanagement and abuse by the previous Barisan Nasional government.

If there is to be hope for our country there must be legislation put into place to ensure equality for all that call Malaysia their home. We must also put an end to any form of racial politics, money politics and corruption.

If, in spite of all that we have done to ensure a Pakatan Rakyat victory, Barisan Nasional is still the government of the day after the 13th general election, then there will no longer be any hope. No hope that our government has the people interest at heart. No hope that our country can withstand another term of looting and pillaging by the Barisan Nasional government. No hope for the return of our country back to us. 

For those of you that can find another country to live in, pack up and leave. You will not want to live under the same Barisian Nasional that allowed a Khairy Jamaluddin to strut the corridors of power – only this time in will be in the form of Hishamuddin Hussein! You will not want the same Barisan Nasional that believes that to manage a multi racial Malaysia UMNO will need to be strong, powerful and decisive in making Ketuanan Melayu the foundation upon which UMNO will ensure another fifty years of their rule! This way race and rights issues will no longer be a problem and they think that Malaysia will once again be a stable and prosperous nation! Then they will accumulate the resources and wealth that makes them powerful and invincible again! And when the leaders of UMNO are rich and powerful they think that UMNO too will be rich and powerful. 

So if Barisan Nasional is still the government after the 13th general election there is no longer reason to stay. Why stay and allow corrupt politicians rule us? Why stay when our country and our people are living on borrowed time? It is far far better that we take our leave while we can and leave Barisan Nasional to deliver the final rites to our beloved Malaysia….but not before they take for themselves anything of value, anything they can hock or pawn, anything they can use, anything and everything they can bundled away for themselves. I have no wish to see our country further humiliated anymore then it is now!

If our country is to have a chance of surviving there really is no alternative to a Pakatan Rakyat victory in the 13th general election. And yet, for now, victory for either Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat is too finely balanced for either party to claim the high road. It is we the people that will make the difference when we cast our votes. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Go do something! Register to vote and vote Pakatan Rakyat! You are one. With me we are two.  


  1. Yes, pack up and leave... IF it is as easy as ABC...

    I'm just a typical malay woman living in terengganu. An ordinary teacher in a small remote school of 100% Malay students.

    I hate the government of the day, I hate najib to the extent that looking at his pictures would make me feel like throwing up!

    I've thought of moving once. But I have a life here. I can't possibly leave the life we're so accustomed with just because we hate BN. I will stay and do my part. I will resist and continue writing to throw the regime away. We must!

  2. Leaving is never easy...I did not say it is easy. I left 30 over years ago and landed in Perth with Aud $120 in my pocket, a daughter and a pregnant wife. We did not know anybody in Perth...but we survived.

    Yes it would be more difficult for you...just do not get too accustomed to BN that you will accept it!

    You are NOT a typical Malay women living in Trengganu - you write too well in English to be just that!

    You do your part in Trengganu and I will do mine down here. Please keep in touch. ..through my email might be more convinient. I need to keep in touch with people like you to understand what is happening in Malaysia better.


  3. Hi Pak Hussein,,, sya pernah kursus di HMAS CERBERUS,,, saya menyesal kerana saya balik MAlaysia,,,,, sepatut nya saya boleh join RAN ,, tetapi that time sya sayang kan anak dan isteri saya,,,, dan ketika itu saya muda sangat lagi about 23 tahun,,,, !!!!!!

  4. Abang Steady,

    Sad to say... Bee End will go
    all out to maitain its position
    by hook by crook.

    If they can get away with murder,
    (Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock)
    lose crucial evidence, distort the
    course of justice, accuse someone of sodomy, then what is there to
    stop them from creating social mayhem ?

    Already some goons within AMNO
    are warning of the return of
    May 13 should they lose.

    And there is always the
    alternative of postal votes
    ( voting by God knows who ),
    importing millions of pendatang
    and rewarding "citizenship" in
    exchange for votes, bribing the
    imbecile Pakcik & Makciks in
    the kampungs, and kaki bodeks
    like Ng Yen Yen and Chua Soi
    Lek to lick their feet.

    Remember, Mamakthir the ultimate
    racist devil still holds
    some influence within the Malay
    voters..unfortunately. As long as
    the old goon is alive ,
    he will continue spewing venom
    in the spirit of boosting his
    ego proportionate to the size of
    his huge eagle-like nose.

    The country is too politically
    immature, and AMNO has got
    too many cronies to risk losing.

    This is the reality of the
    hopeless situation......

    We can only hope to balance the
    power via a stronger oppossition.

    You are right, those who can
    leave, LEAVE.

    Can't bear to watch the country
    descend into the likes of

  5. Listen to Roger Whittaker's "If" to lighten up:

  6. I could leave for Australia many years but I chose to stay.

    Regrets, maybe

    The next election will determined my future in Malaysia