Thursday 21 October 2010

UMNO - The Fallen Legacy

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January 30
UMNO - The Fallen Legacy

I create this blog to express my feelings and interpret my thoughts. Some entries are real life and experience. Some journals are made as devotions to certain icons. Some songs are the favorites of mine and related. And some poems and verses reflect creativity and submission. I have managed to refrain from politics and politicians because both are dirty and dark and I do not want them to tarnish and mark this precious and innocent blog of mine. However, recent developments have changed my perception. When they affect my feelings and my thoughts, they belong in this blog.

Beloved Malaysia and Malaysians will witness the destruction of Barisan Nasional (BN) and United Malays National Organization (UMNO) and with the demise of these two comes the irrelevance of other BN components. Four years ago this seems impossible as we experience the arrogance of UMNO and the failures of all in its path. The glorious days of one of the most powerful political parties in the world is about to end. Like other powerful empires, the destruction comes from within. UMNO’s sixth president, Abdullah, will seal its doom. He is the devil. The end is near.

UMNO won in the last General Election (GE) and if it was not for UMNO, BN would have failed to form the Federal Government. But BN failed to achieve two third majorities for the first time since its conception. Was it because the rakyat have sided with Pakatan Rakyat (PR)? Was it because of Anwar? No! The ‘success’ of PR to acquire five states and a Federal Territory was contributed by BN’s members who voted for the opposition out of disgust for its president, Abdullah. Abdullah has single-handedly corrupted and damaged BN and UMNO so bad. BN will lose the next GE.

I am an UMNO member to its core. I used to believe in its fight for Malay supremacy and Malaysia. I respect and am indebted to all its presidents; Onn Jaafar, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Mahathir Mohamed. This is the party which fought against the Malayan Union, the independence, the development and the glory; right until the time Mahathir handed the power (and the fate of the nation) to Abdullah. BN won with landslide victory in the 11th GE. I had believed that we were in the good hands of Abdullah. But he turns out to be a traitor!

The doom fated UMNO will crash to its knee and the only way to stop the inevitable is to remove Abdullah. I am Malay and accustomed to its ‘sopan-santun’ culture but never have I hated any political leader as I hate him now. Even Karpal and Anwar now look better to me. Khairy and Kamaludin’s involvements and influence in UMNO and federal administration are catalysts to the demise of this great and glorious party. I am ASHAMED even to recognize Abdullah as my Prime Minister (PM). If I have the power I would erase any proof that Abdullah was PM!

Mahathir had once said that his only failure was to change the Malays. He is wrong! Mahathir’s biggest and fatal mistake is the choice of his successor, Abdullah! What has Abdullah done for the past six years? Can anyone answer me? He has done NOTHING but damages. Who the hell is Abdullah to cancel the curve bridge? Who the hell is he to give federal and state contracts to Khairy’s ECM Libra and Kamaludin’s Scomi? If he is in the U.S. he could have been shot to death. Abdullah and his family and friends must be removed if UMNO wants to recover. There is no other way.

In power now are those of Abdullah’s ‘yes-men’. This includes Nazri and Shahrir. Nazri (who the hell is he?) was the one who dared Mahathir to quit UMNO. I feel pity for this man. He does not know that I am Mahathir’s disciple and I will become Malaysia’s eighth PM and I will hunt him down and jail him for being ungrateful to Mahathir. I will jail Abdullah for his absolute betrayal to his people and I will jail Khairy for his idiotic idea of becoming the youngest PM. What about Abdullah’s son, Kamaludin? He will also end up in jail for consuming our wealth thru Petronas and Rapid.

Mahathir must come back to set UMNO right. Then only Najib can take over. Najib has no power against Abdullah. Mahathir must sack all those senators and ministers who are ungrateful to him. We do not need these hooligans as our leaders. To manage multi-racial Malaysia we must have a determine and powerful leader like Mahathir. Abdullah is weak. Though many hate Mahathir but many respect him. Who dares to bring up race and rights issues during Mahathir? Such was the fear that leads to a stable and prosperous nation. Unlike Abdullah, who, can go to hell (or go to sleep?).

If Abdullah (God forbids) continues to stay (he may) BN and UMNO will stumble and crash and will not recover. Gone are all the resources that make them powerful and invincible. Rakyat will vote for the oppositions not because they want to vote for the oppositions but they want to teach Abdullah, UMNO and BN some lessons. And PR definitely prefers Abdullah to stay because this is the only way they can win the 13th GE. They know the rakyat will vote them out of disgust to Abdullah. Malaysia in the hands of PR will suffer. No one thinks they can manage Malaysia.

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