Tuesday 17 January 2012

Cakap cakap...Sharizat.

Without much doubt Sharizat would be one of those individuals within Najib’s cabinet that would  pass muster. A hard working and conscientious Minister who did her work without much hype or self-promotion. We watch her patiently wait out her time before going against Rafidah to head Wanita UMNO  - and that to, we felt, was done without undue haste. Her time had come to lead Wanita and she accept that responsibility.
When she lost to Nurrul in Lembah Pantai – or Bangsar as we would all prefer to call it – our joy for a Pakatan Rakyat victory was tempered by commiseration for a gracious loser – Sharizat congratulated Nurrul and was never a sore loser! 

She was a breath of fresh air in Barisan Nasional. Not only with her ready smile but she also impressed us with her work ethics. Though I was quiet taken aback at the palatial home she had in Pantai – near Anwar’s old house. But still I was prepared to give her the benefit of my doubt – maybe her husband might have been a businessman of some means – who knows? And she was in the corporate world of business before she entered politics.
Imagine my disappointment when NFC came to light. 
Disappoint in the manner she dealt with the whole issue. Maybe too much was at stake – not only her political future but more crucial her family’s future was at stake and that possibility colored her judgement in her decision to feign ignorance at what was going on in NFC. And Sharizat decided that the best defence was DENY! DENY! DENY!
All this is now history. I doubt that even Sharizat would be able to recover from this obviously flawed ‘business opportunity’ that UMNO is so fond of offering to all of their ‘friends”. I would have though that Sharizat would have known better. That she would have said ‘NO”…but it would be hard to say “NO” when such a ‘business opportinity’ arises that can be construed to be God’s gift to you and your family.
And so it has now come to pass that another UMNO Minister bites the dust. Just as many other UMNO’s leaders have sullied themselves with the pursuit of great wealth, you Sharizat now join their less then august company as they contemplate life outside the corridors of power – which I think is also the general area that you now seem to be heading. 
The only thing that would differentiate you from the others is probably that you have least two RM10 million Condo to retire to. That is if this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government manages to hang on to power after the 13th general election. If they do not, then I would think you would, at best, have to continue living in that Pantai home of yours – which is still not too bad a choice if you have enough left over for a bit of renovations here and there.   


  1. HH, how apt that you and Dato Ariff (Sakmongkol) have blogged simultaneously on cowgate.
    His is " Make Gemas the epicentre of political tsunami, not the blackhole of financial scandals"

    Many minds are now in sync on ABU.

  2. I think the best place for her to retire if umno no longer reign is sg buloh prison.

  3. i agreed with shuk... but i think sg buloh prison would be too small to handle all those BN clowns. I think we should use that island that the BN used to keep all those Vietnamese the 1970s... off trengganu...just ship them there and leave them to their own device...maybe they still have the brain to know how to use their hand and feet to feed themselves...and cloth themselves...

  4. Well, Pulau Bidong (that's the name of the island of former Viet refugees off Trg beach) is indeed the best place for all those culprit and UmNO grafters/corrupters once they are all convicted. In order to realize that, we the rakyat must go for ABU come next erection... ops sorry, election.

  5. she starts suing peoples now !