Tuesday 3 January 2012


Tricubes lands RM6m deal to manage PDRM’s mobile systems

I saw the above headline today. This is stupidity personified! I am not a corporate man neither do I understand the in’s and out’s of the corporate sector. I go by common sense.

The ACE-listed company – which reported a loss of RM1.87 million for the quarter ended September – recently revealed its had lost RM17.2 million in the last financial year and not RM7.3 million, as stated in its annual report.
It said the mistake was due to “typo errors” on pages 49, 61 and 98 of the annual report for the financial year ended March 31.

Would anybody in his right mind appoint a company that attributes a “typo error” for mistaking RM17.2 million loss to be only RM7.3 million? 

I want to know how much that Din guy in the Rumah Ministry made in terms of commission by awarding this cash-strapped Tricubes Bhd this job? And how much of that commission that he got was shared with that cousin of his call Najib!

This is what our country has now become. The means by which these UMNO idiots make money any way they can. No more pretending about getting reliable suppliers or contractors. No more pretending about getting financially sound companies to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget!

If they have an interest in any company that is reason enough to award a lucrative project to that company! Bring on the 13th general elections! I cannot wait to see these bastards out of government! ABU! ABU! ABU!


  1. Another malaysian royal blood turns traitor.

  2. If an ordinary person can't pay his debts, he may be evicted and his home sold. This is happening in the "most democratic" of countries. If you are well-connected, you can first buy a bank - even in a hostile bid - and then look for the money to pay for it.

    The prospects of fascism - politicans and capitalists working together - are truly frightening.

  3. If you get a chance please watch the perofrmance by Deputy CEO of Bernma News and the Editor of Utusan Melayo on Hello Malaysia over Bernama news TV yesterday 3rd January, 2012 from 10 to 11 pm. They prticipated in a programme to look ahead to 2012. But their arguments were based on the fact nothing took place in Malaysia over the last 367 days.