Monday 9 January 2012


I was wrong. So wrong in thinking that Anwar will be convicted. Now what do we do? Say that the Judiciary is clean and independent? Say that the rule of law rules Malaysia? Is this the end for Najib and Barisan Nasional? Or possibly all of the above!

In the euphoria of Anwar’s acquittal both side, Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat are now racing with each other to accentuate the positives and highlight the negatives for both sides. And woe betides anyone that gets in their way.

What is certain is that we just have to wait for the next salvo to come from Najib & Co. and most probably I would think that the most convenient scenario would be a reprise of the Carcosa Tapes courtesy of the three stooges and PDRM (of course!). Which part of the Carcosa tapes? Do not worry this Najib & Co is quite inventive and resourceful in digging up something appropriate.

For now those of us that have been very vocal (me included!) we would have to go back to the drawing boards and work out what is going to happen next! And this is not an easy thing to do given the undercurrent swirling around Anwar’s acquittal! Let hope that his supporters do not go overboard in their celebrations and give Najib an opportunity to make something out of it…anything!  


  1. Tukar sahaja Kerajaan, siapa yang menang BERSIHKAN Malaysia dari korupsi, dan teruskan membangunkan Negara kita yang tercinta ini.Jika tidak pilihanraya akan datang tukar aje.

  2. what's so great abt the acquittal as it should not have been a case in the first place. hari2 harga barang naik, siapa peduli? anwar dibebas, harga barang turun? anwar bersalah, harga barang turun? this is rakyat' primary concern, the rest is secondary.

  3. you are right, so tak kira apa bangsa jua pun, we malaysians should all stand up and fight for our rights before the nation is declared bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don’t think Najib has the stamina to re-visit the Carcosa Tapes. That would be scripted Sodomy III, albeit more respectfully through the front door!

    The best bet for Najib now is to orchestra an appeal, and continue casting DSAI’s character in bad light until his (Najib) “best before date” runs out in March 2013.

    BTW, is Anwar that squeaky-clean on money even his detractors avoid this angle? Or are they terrified of worms?

  5. No, you had been right in thinking so wrongly that the High Court would only be convicting Anwar.

    The way the Court had responded to the Defense's long list of objections and insistences that the Court was clearly showing obvious partiality to and accepting Prosecution's mala fides, it could only must have received an instruction so as to arrive with this about turn of a judgement!

  6. Any verdict from our courts in such cases has to come from the PM, so this decision is definitely from him. We have to be vigilant for his next move. Anyway, GE13 is not about any personalities, it is about the rakyat versus thieves, pirates and bullies. Let us focus on ABU.

  7. Yes, you were WRONG. Najib/BN made a wrong choice to finish off Anwar. He underestimated the undercurrents. Like Mahathir, he hasn't got the guts to face Anwar on a level playing filed. And you Husein, you should focus on ensuring that UMNO/BN are warriors as they claimed and should fight their battles head on. Using snipers they can't kill off all the rakyat. For your love of the country, do yourself a favour. Get these UMNO/BN fellas rid off their skirts...

  8. Don't be fooled by Umno's strategy. It is a battle of strategies. They are withdrawing now in the face of worldwide condemnation to attack later. Just wait till you see Gani Patail appealing and the Court of Appeal reversing the decision of the High Crt like what they did to nizar's MB Perak case.

    The CA judges may ruled that based on evidences Judge Abidin was wrong to reject the DNA evidence.

    Just give this a thought. After months of the case being adjourned, why did Abidin come out only with a short judgment. The probability is that he may have written a long judgement to convict Anwar only to be told at the eleventh hour to find Anwar not guilty this time around. He was not required to write a long judgment at the end of the prosecution case. But he did. And why didn't he touched on the Pushrawi medical rpt in which Siful told the Dr that he inserted a plastic object in his anus and that all the Drs. found no evidence of penetration in his anus.

    If this Judge had been impartial and fair, he would have thrown the cse after the prosecution case and not to call upon the accused to enter his defence.

  9. Now that Anwar will be around to lead us, if really we are for ABU we must stop taking pot shots at him and that means you HH.

    The anything in ABU is PKR/Pakatan right now, nothing else but PKR/Pakatan.

    I may be wrong but the way you write the above posting, you sound cynical. Take for example this statement 'let hope that his supporters do not go overboard in their celebrations' You know it reeks of 'them and us' attitude and you are certainly do not belong to the'them'grouping.

    Either you are with PKR/Pakatan or you are not. If you are not with PKR/Pakatan which translated is DSAI, ABU makes no sense!If you are with PKR/Pakatan, one should be an ardent follower of DSAI warts and all.

    Your ABU screaming and "you are one. With me we are two" slogan is all bullshit now if you do not believe in DSAI's leadership. Make your stand. Since you blog for readers like me, I got a right to ask for your stand dont I?

  10. Why the rakyat have so much faith in the rakyat.
    everybody is rakyat, jibby included.
    the rakyat already in control.
    always been.
    bloody big mirror in our face already.
    before we dream of democracy.. what the hell that is anyway, i do not know,
    let rakyat grow brain first.
    before we dream of freedom and liberty,
    let rakyat grow heart first.
    before we dream of meritocracy,
    let the rakyat develop a common culture.
    and i dont mean roti canai or teh tarik.
    the majority must make first move..
    dsai got the balls to or not? or is he a double headed snake that will play into the hands of the empire.
    the sacking of hasan ali is a step in right direction.
    zaid's apology to dsai is a step forward.
    rpl's head f###ing is may be to much for rakyat to chew.. rpk must stand up and speak to rakyat like rakat is child or dog even.. straight talk, no more double talk and masturbation.
    ma ma pa pa politics must end.. why vote umno, dap, pkr if all we get is same shit.
    dsai's aquittal was obvious from day one.. pr game only..
    i expact snap election..
    good on you flom.. if you show the way for jibby..
    all in power must reform..
    may the best melayu guy/gal win.. but beware that real problems lie in the malay dilema.. and only when the malay can grow will malaysia grow.

  11. Sir,

    I am aware that no man is perfect and so are the parties under Pakatan Rakyat. DSAI has undergone a lot of tribulations and he survived. Whatever his short-comings, I am willing to give him a chance.

    As for Najib and BN, they are the bigger crooks. See how he is under Big Mama and TDM? The short guy from Negeri 9 is Felda chief because of ???????? anything to do with the Port Dickson pics rumoured???? TDM said UMNO is rotten to the core and that includes him!

    Yes, ABU will bring a brighter future to Malaysia.

  12. ABU-llshit lah...
    RPK IS RIGHT.. why anything will do?
    hidup FLOM
    hidup nurul
    hidup clever malaysia women..
    give them a chance...
    real reform....
    woman for a pm..
    now time is good change..
    out law rela
    lock up all the macho macho babi in blue

  13. Dear HH,
    Anwar has suffered for his sins.Ones sis will be forgiven by Allah through sufferings, be it through illness or persecution by UMNO/BN.

    Anwars motif..vengence to get rid of Mahathir and UMNO is good for the rakyat. So why should rakyat no follow him.???

    My consern now is RPK.This guy is the ugly, the snake, that will jeapordice PR and ABU.
    Read more

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  15. Pak HH,

    Don't think too much about Anwar's acquittal, think more of what that frogman Ibrahim Ali's croaking to Anwar that prosecution will appeal. A natural layman like Saiful would not have the means to make appeal but Saiful is no natural layman, with prime movers behind him, Saiful is no natural layman, he is a supernatural layman. Saiful was a natural layman when his immediate reaction was to accept the verdict and did say, like a good muslim, that the justice for him is not in this world but in another, but within hours made an about turn to make an appeal. What made him turn supernatural again?

    Anwar's acquittal is only Round 1. When Round 2 comes then you will know you are always right to doubt our judiciary system. We can never be wrong about it as long as the BN is in power.

  16. Don't over look the Omega watch. Let's not get embroiled in diversions but focus on bread and butter issues to principally effect ABU.

  17. The developments at PROTON is interesting. Is Mahatir consolidating his position and if it is so is this not broad daylight robbery. Both bidders are his nominees, securing position before GE13, so is Sapura-Kenchana, San Miguel, MAS all of which is consolidation prior GE13.

  18. En. Hussein, my take is that this is just a strategy to gain points by making the judiciary appear independent. A leopard cannot change its spots. Lets just wait and see what they will do next. But one thing is for family & I have already decided who to vote for in the next GE. With us, now you have five En. Hussein.


  19. Anwar is not out of the woods yet. It is easy to read UMNO/BN's tactic to use this acquittal to say that the judiciary is independent in order to justify some other charges, whatever they may be.

    The stakes are too high for UMNO/BN regime, Mahathir included. They know if Anwar ascends to the chief executive office, all those on the same ship are finished. So Anwar must be stopped at all cost.

    But whatever new charges the regime come up with against Anwar, the court of public opinion is already sealed, they are all trumped-up. One up to Anwar/PR.

    We all know that the fight is beyond Anwar. However, it is naive to think that the sailing will be smoother for PR if somebody else helms the coalition. Whether its LKS, LGE, Hadi, Mat Sabu, Zaid?, TR?, Azmin or "baggage free" Nurul, they could not run away from the wrath of UMNO/BN. Knowing how they operate, the dying regime will come up with whatever trumped-up accusations against any of these PR leaders. I doubt any of them could stand up like Anwar does.

    Anwar has become the icon of fight against injustice and the corrupt regime as well as the unifying factor among PR parties. Let UMNO/BN focus on Anwar and other PR leaders focus on the battles on the ground. Anwar may fall along the way but so be it. The fight is beyond Anwar anyway. However, the fight has to be along with Anwar's fight.

    The leaders of PR parties are all seasoned players. I want to believe that they know that what they are doing are the right things for our cause.. the rakyat's cause.

    As for us, its ABU!

  20. I agree with Tag.we should focus on real issues affecting the rakyat.Do away with these'them n us' analysis or ABU will really turn to ash.Your 'takkan melayu hilang didunia'article is the type of read that summarizes the emphasis of the approach ie accepting reality and changing the mindset of the rakyat.If you are focused and consistent with this and forget about analyzing 'them n us' I am certain malaysians like me will join you for a better Malaysia..insyallah.Niways good luck and good job!

  21. Anwar is a good leader, Malaysians should use him as a good opposition.The govt is not without faults, we need Anwar to check the govt on this.
    As for Saiful, he had no contribution to Malaysia, he is only a pengacau to Malaysian politics. He should just get on in life and forget about getting revenge from Anwar. Let Allah serve justice. What does Saiful and family get if Anwar is convicted? Just PUAS HATI. That has no value in life.