Saturday 28 January 2012

Mahathir:How great art Thou?

It has been a while since I last wrote about our great one – the great Tun Dr. Mahathir. Unlike Rosmah’s self accredited FLOM, this ‘Great One” title was conferred on Mahathir by others. Mahathir never laid any claim to being great at anything – it is us that say that he is Great. Mahathir did not have to say it because in his mind, he knew that he was great! 

Great at manipulating people, great at giving our money to his family and cronies, great at spending our money on grandiose projects that will later be referred to as “Mahathir’s great Follies”, and only the great Mahathir made corruption, money politics and the policy of divide and rule among the various races in Malaysia the pillars by which UMNO has now been defined starting from the time he took over as Prime Minister.

As he himself likes to point out “He did it his way!”

Yes Sir the way someone used power within government for his own vested interest of consolidating power within himself for his own agenda rather then for the interest of the Rakyat!

You TUN have greatly failed the trust we put into you as our leader. What makes you stand apart from any other Malaysian is the magnitude of the abuse of your executive powers as Prime Minister done deliberately and with malice aforethought! And the irony of it all is that you honestly believed that you have been the greatest Prime Minister Malaysia has ever or will ever have! What a load of rubbish!

I beg to differ O Great One! For just as you cannot build a house on shifting sand neither can you build a great nation on lies and half truths.

Take Anwar Ibrahim. When you decided that you needed to neutralize the potential harm that could have been done to UMNO if Anwar, Abim and PAS were to align themselves against UMNO you decided to neutralize Anwar by enticing him into UMNO. And the offer that you dangled in front of Anwar was too good for the gullible Anwar to refuse. You  knew that the pull of power was something Anwar found impossible to resists. 

Mahathir requested a security assessment on Anwar from PDRM's Special Branch.

In response to Mahathir’s request to the Special Branch for a security assessment on Anwar Ibrahim, the Special Branch  provided advise that Anwar, apart from being an ISA detainee, was involve in homosexual relationships. The SB recommendation was that AI should not be part of the government due to his immoral behaviour. The letter was signed by the then Director Special Branch Tan Sri Mohd Amin Osman and delivered to you three weeks before Anwar joined UMNO in 1982.

It was sixteen years later that Mahathir used the information contained in that SB security assessment to rid himself of Anwar.

Mahathir says that he has a strong revulsion for what is legally and morally described as an ‘unnatural sex’ – sodomy – as that was what he accused Anwar of indulging in. If he does have that strong a revulsion to sodomy then why did he put up with Anwar for 16 years when he knew from day one from that SB assessment what Anwar was already indulging in!

Mahathir was not repulsed by anything. He amassed dossier on the wrong doings of his cabinet ministers, including Najib, to be used on a need basis as and when required. He will use whatever information he has and with Anwar he had lived that lie from day one.

This is how deceitful Mahathir is. And this deceit has been standard operating procedure for UMNO ever since.

If Mahathir is prepared to put up with Anwar for 16 years and living a lie with someone he even accepted as his deputy what else is he prepared to do?  So I tell you that this Mahathir is truly a great man – a great man that can work for 16 years with an Anwar he knew was tainted from day one of his entry into UMNO. And he was even greater in his charade of wanting Anwar out because of his revulsion of Anwar’s sodomy rather then anything else.

Anwar was never his protégé. All previous attempts to oust Anwar from his position as DPM was thwarted by Mahathir because to Mahathir the timing was not right. And that harsh and cruel treatment of Anwar by Mahathir was never because of any moral issues – it was just Mahathir’s way of making Anwar understand that the unforgivable sin in as far as Mahathir is concern is be disloyal to Mahathir. Anything else he will overlook – but that!

This is what UMNO has now become. You can be forgiven for anything – corruption, sexual excesses, duplicity, abuse of executive powers even murder most foul – if your loyalty to UMNO is total. There is no room for anything else.

And so we must tell UMNO that we too will have no room for anything else but ABU. There is no room to negotiate, no room to give and take and certainly no room to accommodate what UMNO now represent in the future that we aspire our country to have. ABU! ABU! ABU! 


  1. Hussein, how did you get the information that Special Branch gave a report to Mahathir stating that Anwar engage in homosexual activities?

  2. This is what UMNO has now become. You can be forgiven for anything – corruption, sexual excesses, duplicity, abuse of executive powers even murder most foul – if your loyalty to UMNO is total. There is no room for anything else.
    That was clarity of thought and brutally honest, HH. Anyone out there who thinks UMNO can be salvaged, had better think again.
    Kuthy (and not Jibby) is preparing the Pekida, Perkasa frog armies and training the Rela boys in armed warfare to defend the tainted ship called UMNO. Saving Face is everything and no expense will be spared (as usual paid for by the Rakyat) to save UMNO.

    The buck stops here. Enough with the pilfering!
    Say NO to the elitist UMNO who prosper at the expense of others.
    Say NO to the racist UMNO for belittling other races and religions.
    It's time to take back what belongs to ALL Malaysians and restore Peace and Harmony!

  3. blogsmith In matters like the NFC, PKFZ, FLOM’s attempted purchase of THAT ring, Altantuya, Saiful etc etc…there are too many people involved to be able to keep things quiet when the shit hits the fan. Ditto for this SB assessment on Anwar.

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    Oh yeah big tough guy - easy for a bunch of armed pondans to attack innocent unarmed people.

    What about Part jew himself - ever been in a real fight ? rugby game ?
    full contact football ?

    No of course not, when the real action comes Jew tucks tail and hides under Mamy's pussy.

    And yet he dares talk tough.

    Shit to you M, I have no respect whatsoever.


  5. UMNO dengan Melayu adalah seperti Aur dengan Tebing. Mahathir adalah ikon UMNO, Mahathir berjaya menaikkan imej orang-orang Melayu, dia berjaya meningkat kekuatan UMNO dalam BN.Didalam Ketuanan Melayu dan Hak Keistimewaan Orang-orang Melayu, Mahathir berjaya memperkukuhkan kedua-duanya. Kepada orang-orang Melayu, Mahathir adalah seorang Great Man.

  6. Anon 3.08pm seperti katak di bawah tempurung.

    Imej orang Melayu memang "melambung" di merata2 dunia kerana kerajaan Mamakkuthy telah merendahkan taraf pendidikan dan kelulusan sehingga anak2 Melayu tidak boleh dan tidak erti bertanding dalam pelbagai kerjaya. Cara hidup mewah hanya diperolehi dengan bantuan UMNO. (gua-tolong-lu-lu-tolong-gua, semuanya ok!). Rakyat Malaysia sudah lama terperdaya di tangan UMNO. Hanya segolongan "eksklusif" berjaya meningkatkan taraf hidup secara tipu daya and aktiviti haram.....

    Bagaimana pula dengan baki penduduk Malaysia seramai 25 Juta?

    Pemulihan negara Malaysia perlu dilaksanakan dengan tindakan rakyat pada GE13 .

    Apologies for the rusty BM but some toads need to wake up and see the light!

  7. Mahathir: How Great Art Thou?

    Answer: Very Very Great.

    Unlike other world leaders, Mahathir managed to be in the lime light even he is no longer in office. Rescently, he gave a talk in KL, he managed to hold 3,000 people spellbound for three hours, and a majority of whom were without seats, they stood all along.

    In Malaysia, Mahathir has more fans than the film stars or singers.He has more friends than foes. His foes,mostly the non-Malays condemn him left and right. But many Malays really hold him to a very high esteem.

    To me, Mahathir was a successful PM of Malaysia.

  8. ABU akan jadi abu lepas Pilihan Raya 13.

  9. Titles are such a joke. If someone only agrees to step down on condition that he is recommended for the highest award on the last day of work, he is a turd.

  10. It almost like watching a movie. The Director can make even a fool look good. But the only difference here is that that process hurts real people. Third World leaders have to wake up and think about governing thier countries instead of helping First World Countries get out of their present economic and banking crisis by moving Third World Wealth to their banks safe keeping.

  11. kak shah said- which leader in ommno does not have problem> wonder who is the cleanest of all? Bersih , cekap n amanah?? who created all the financial scandals- BMF TO PKFZ??

  12. He is very great because he sidelined sultans first when he first became prime minister. This is because sultans were traders since hundreds years ago. So, he, Mathir, could monitor all the mega projects for his cronies, his sons, etc. Like he also ignored the corruption of Taib who is now having billion RM property in overseas.

    He also use Official Secret Act so you no one could question him for all the money he gave to who. Privatisation is his favour as this could give big business to his cronies and close friends.

    Like Najib, being Defence Minister, he bought 2 submarines with unnecessary middle agent who was given RM500 million. This company is owned by wife of Razak Baginda. Report and case filing in France by SUARAM could be seen here:

    Only blinded people could not see this things. Rural people are mostly blinded by the mass media controlled by UMNO especially Utusan which attached DAP and Pakatan most.

  13. He is very good in psychology and playing the emotion of Malay although he is not a truly Malay.

    He had fed many members of UMNO and BeEnd. He let his cronies become super rich.

    His favourite is to privatise: to give money to his cronies.

    No one could question him because he is protected by Official Secret Act.

    Elite Malay or Mamak are mostly given mega projects. He is very successful in this.

    Urban people know this. Rural people mostly don't know especially those in East Malaysia. So, we see urban people vote for opposition during Sarawak state election.

    Then he said urban Chinese are racial. His party, UMNO, only Malay or Mamak admitted, is actually racial too and root of all racism.